Custom Photo Op Minneapolis: Bridgerton-themed Event

Custom Photo Op Minneapolis

Step into the enchanting world of Bridgerton at our recent themed event, where a custom photo op Minneapolis took center stage. Attendees at this exclusive employee party reveled in the regal atmosphere. They dressed in period attire and we captured their exquisite outfits at two bespoke Bridgerton-themed photo stations.

Our commitment to providing a seamless experience extends to the benefits of instant prints at events like these. Tangible memories in the form of beautifully printed photos became cherished keepsakes. They help to foster a connection to the event and the company. For companies in Minneapolis seeking to elevate their events, custom photo ops offer a unique and engaging element that reinforces brand identity.

Benefits Of Custom Photo Ops

In the era of digital sharing, our custom photo ops in Minneapolis not only provided attendees with physical prints. We also facilitated instant sharing on social media. This dual approach maximized the event’s reach, creating a buzz online and showcasing the company’s dedication to providing memorable experiences for its employees.

As a leading photo company in Minneapolis, our expertise lies in curating experiences that seamlessly blend innovation with timeless memories. From themed events like Bridgerton soirées to corporate gatherings, we specialize in transforming moments into lasting impressions. Elevate your company’s events in Minneapolis with our tailored photo solutions. We make sure that every snapshot tells a story of celebration, connection, and brand distinction through custom photo ops. With our custom photo ops in Minneapolis, your events become unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting imprint on both attendees and your brand’s narrative, creating a seamless blend of innovation and timeless memories that elevate every moment.

Photo Activation at Target Field

Photography can be an exceptional tool for brands and corporations in more ways than you might expect. With the right setup and some creativity, it can serve the dual purpose of providing entertainment and spreading brand awareness. That was the case with our photot activation at Target Field, where we were able to help our clients show their employees a good time and simultaneously promote their brand with photoactivation.

Event at Target Field

This annual event for our client provides a fun and festive atmosphere for their employees who’re enjoying it as an annual company event. The entire stadium is reserved for guests to enjoy as they help themselves to food, drinks, and family-friendly activities. There are bounce houses for kids, hot chocolate and coffee, and several photo ops. This year we had three photo activation stations, each with its own unique twist and brand awareness potential.

The first was using the stadium as a backdrop with a sign that read “Welcome To The Target Field.” The simplest of the three, but it gave guests a good opportunity to share where they’d been. The 2nd booth was even more exciting. As guests posed, we were able to project them onto the stadium’s massive jumbotron screen and photograph their images from afar. This was particularly exciting for the children and baseball fans present, who could relish their images on the screen and share the moment with family and friends afterward. Finally, our 3rd booth was located in the Bat and Barrel restaurant. This one featured a branded Boomerang kiosk, further enhancing the visual reach of their brand. Each of the three kiosks featured logos and branding from all our clients, putting their images alongside those of our guests while a good time was had by all.

Quality Corporate Photo Activation

Nearly any event could be a successful branding opportunity with the help of photo activation. At Time Into Pixels, we love showing our clients that branding can be both fun and effective. Contact us today to learn how we can enhance your next corporate event!

Photo Activation at Target Field

Boomerang kiosk brandd

Branded Boomerang kiosk

Photo Activation at Target Field

Photo Activation at Target Field

Photo Activation at Target Field

Photo Activation at Target Field

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Rent a GIF Photo Booth in Minneapolis

Are you looking for a fun, novel photo booth experience for your next corporate event? Do you need something that can be customized to your brand and easily shared on social media? A GIF photo booth is a great way to share news of your product launch or corporate event in a way that still feels like organic, consumable content.

Aveda’s Recent Event

Aveda is a large cosmetics company, headquartered in Blaine, Minnesota. They had a GIF photo booth at a recent event. They were launching a new product that featured fruits. Our team at Time Into Pixels Photo Booth was able to bring in those fruits, and strengthen brand ties. We went above and beyond, adding some complimenting flowers to boost the desired aesthetic. Aveda’s vision of a clean, white backdrop with props that would create memorable GIFs created a memorable, marketable look.

How Does a GIF Photo Booth Work?

GIF photography is a trend on the rise, and GIF photo booths are extremely popular in Minneapolis. Time Into Pixels Photo Booth specializes in corporate events and are ultra-customizable to the look you want. Our booths come with some standard materials, like one-of-a-kind prop signs, professional-grade equipment, a variety of backdrops to choose from. There are also add-ons to choose from. With a GIF booth and Glam Booth Filter, a great option is the social media sharing station. Guests at your event can share photos via text messages or email right after they’re taken. If your company is looking to share these images after the event, there’s an online gallery of images available.

Renting a GIF Photo Booth for Your Corporate Event

Are you looking for a unique addition to your corporate event in Minneapolis is as easy as renting a GIF photo booth. You can create trendy memories that your guests can share, and brand-friendly content to promoting your new product. Contact us with any questions, or to find out more about our services.

Photo Station With Printing In Minneapolis

Time Into Pixels had a photo station with printing in Minneapolis at the grand opening of the first Ferrari dealership in the Twin Cities. Bungalow Six created an upscale photo op for this luxury brand where guests could take a photo with the new Ferrari 296 GTB. To add a wow factor to this photo experience fit for the iconic Italian brand, we opted for 5×7 metallic photo paper which brings images to life like never before, making them exceptionally rich in contrast and color. We also created photo holders for the images so they got home safely. In addition, Ferrari branded folders were a great way not only to protect the images but also made the experience even more high-end. The red uplighting that matches the brand color made the images even more vivid.

Photo Station With Printing In Minneapolis

From red carpets, grand openings to concerts to festivals, Minneapolis always has something cool going on. There is no shortage of fun or formal events happening in Minneapolis all year long and lots of them greatly benefit from a photo station with printing. Capturing guests while they enjoy a night out while having a great time can increase your brand’s visibility as well as help with social media marketing; lots of event attendees will post their photos on social media for their friends and followers to see. Those images can be branded, custom step-and-repeats can be added as backdrops and the possibilities for marketing is endless!

Printing Options

Our photo station with printing in Minneapolis can be customized to fit your brands’ needs! We can offer a variety of paper sizes ranging from 4×6, 5×7, 16×4 and more depending on the needs of each client. We also offer metallic 5×7 paper for a luxury and upscale feel. Branded photo holders and folders can be also added for additional brand awareness and a high-end feel.

Please inquire to learn about different options we can offer – we would be happy to find one that benefits your event the most.

Event Photographer With On-Site Printing Takes Photos with Santa

Nickelodeon Universe holds a massive annual party at The Mall of America, and this year we were invited to provide event photography with on-site printing. Learn more about the party, the photographer with on-site printing, and how it can benefit you.

Photos with a Classy-Looking, Blue Santa

Nickelodeon doesn’t often do things the way you’d expect. At their party, they offered photos with Santa, but instead of the traditional red-suited Santa with reindeer and peppermint sticks, Nickelodeon provided a slightly different experience. They hired Girl Friday to make them a sparkly custom backdrop complete with giant gifts, a plush Santa chair, and a really magnificent balloon garland. Girl Friday is absolutely the best company to go to for anything custom in the Minneapolis area. And who was sitting among the balloons and glitter? Santa, looking very dapper in his new blue suit!

A Live Photographer with On-Site Printing and Digital Sharing

Since this setup didn’t work with an open style photo booth, Nickelodeon hired us to do event photography. This means we send a professional photographer to the event, where he or she takes photos of party-goers sitting on Santa’s lap in the midst of the on-site scenery. The photographer can move around, capture the best shot, and then print out the results right there at the party. Also, the photos can be shared digitally on the spot.

Why You Should Consider Hiring Us for Your Next Event

Event photography gives your guests the thrill of being professionally photographed while they are dressed in their best. Plus, we do an excellent job of capturing your company brand and your event for future use in promotions. If you have an upcoming event in Minneapolis that you would like us to capture in print and digital imagery, please contact us today. Our event photography with on-site printing and instant digital sharing works great for red carpet events or another type of custom setup. We’ll make it happen for you.

A santa surrounded with gifts

Corporate Photo Booth MN – Diamond Service Award

Benefits of Photo Booths For Corporate Events

The 23rd annual Bloomington Diamond Service Award Gala which took place on March, 17th 2019 was a success in every aspect. The corporate photo booth MN event took on a color theme of green and white and the decor of the event eluded elegance, sophistication, and class.

For this event, Time Into Pixels provided live photography with printing and the client opted for luxury 5×7 metallic paper. This made the event even more memorable adding that extra wow-factor as the regular photo size guests typically see is 4×6 or smaller. The metallic paper really made the photos pop as it brought out the color vibrancy, contrast and details in each picture.

To increase the visual impact for the guests, Time Into Pixels also provided photo holders to keep the pictures safe throughout the event and through the journey home. Photo holders were customized in the same green and white shade as the event’s color theme.

Benefits of Photo Booths and Photo Ops for Corporate Events

Photo booths and photo ops offer a number of benefit for corporate clients. While everyone enjoys taking pictures at events, the benefits go farther than just creating fun pictures. Some benefits they offer include…

An Opportunity to Impress your Guests With a Corporate Photo Booth Mn

For corporate events, a photo booth gives you an opportunity to impress your guests. When attendees gathered at the DoubleTree for the Bloomington Diamond Service, they were pleasantly surprised! Guests received a high-quality large print in a branded holder… at absolutely no cost. The 5×7 size of the pictures, the metallic paper and the custom photo holders made it clear that attention was given to every detail. Guests easily understood that they were having a luxury experience instead of a regular photo booth. This will definitely have the guests seeing the organization in a different light!

Create a Lighter Atmosphere

Having a photo booth or photo op at an event can help lighten up the atmosphere. Event attendees were given something fun to do and enjoy all the effort you put into the event. Along with a great presentation and delicious food, a photo booth was a light-hearted way for guests to have fun!

Spread the Word about Your Brand

Having a photo booth that specifically tailors to corporate clients gives a lot of opportunities for branding. This way, long after your event ended and guests took their photo booth pictures home, your brand logo and colors will remind them of your company. When pictures are posted online and shared with friends, your brand will receive that extra publicity every company wants and needs.

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metallic luxury prints photo booth

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