Photo Activations and Experiential Marketing in Minneapolis

Photo activations and experiential marketing are some of the best ways to promote a brand. It’s a highly effective form of interactive entertainment that is memorable and allows for additional reach – after all, videos and photos people take at events are often posted online so events attendees’ friends and followers will see them too. This photo activation in Minneapolis for Clorox was no exception. 

Photo Activation in Minneapolis for Clorox

When the client approached us about a brand activation at Winter Classic in Minneapolis we were presented with a few objectives. We were to create sharable branded content through a photo or video experience for the attendees. It had to attract people to the booth, give them something unique to do and as a result, we were to share with them the content they create. After presenting some ideas, we settled on branded Boomerangs. While the whole booth was branded for Clorox, we also branded our Boomerang booth itself as well the output and the screen and made everything look cohesive. Given that the event was taking place during winter, multiple heaters were installed in the booth to make staff as well as event attendees comfortable while they were waiting for their turn.


With the branded Boomerang kiosk, branded booth, and branded output we were Winter Classic attracting attendees to the Clorox booth. Once in the booth, attendees would shoot their shot on the “hockey field” that was installed for them while the radar would measure their speed. All the results were recorded and whoever shot the fastest would get a prize. Needless to say, the booth was busy all day even though we had challenging cold weather for this Minnesota winter event. Overall, this was a unique photo activation that allowed us to not only entertain people but create photo content that’s branded and sharable so even after the event attendees would share it on their social media and promote our client in the most organic and authentic way.