Audio Guest Book

A fun and unique way to capture voice messages of your friends, family and loved ones, so you can listen to their love, laughter, and well wishes!
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Leave a Message After the Beep!

Simple to Use

Get creative and think of what you want to record! Simply pick up the phone, wait for the beep, and share a fun memory, comment or well wish. Once you’re finished, hang up the receiver and your message will be digitally recorded.

Hear Their Voice

Listening to someone’s voice can evoke a flood of emotions that a simple picture cannot match. By incorporating our Audio Guest Book, especially with one of our photo booths, you can create an amazing and unique way to capture and remember the special moments of your event.


Once your event has ended, we’ll convert your guest’s messages into MP3 files and promptly deliver them to you. If you’d like, we can also create a unique vinyl record featuring your guests’ recordings for an extra fee.