Time Into Pixels had a photo station with printing in Minneapolis at the grand opening of the first Ferrari dealership in the Twin Cities. Bungalow Six created an upscale photo op for this luxury brand where guests could take a photo with the new Ferrari 296 GTB. To add a wow factor to this photo experience fit for the iconic Italian brand, we opted for 5×7 metallic photo paper which brings images to life like never before, making them exceptionally rich in contrast and color. We also created photo holders for the images so they got home safely. In addition, Ferrari branded folders were a great way not only to protect the images but also made the experience even more high-end. The red uplighting that matches the brand color made the images even more vivid.

Photo Station With Printing In Minneapolis

From red carpets, grand openings to concerts to festivals, Minneapolis always has something cool going on. There is no shortage of fun or formal events happening in Minneapolis all year long and lots of them greatly benefit from a photo station with printing. Capturing guests while they enjoy a night out while having a great time can increase your brand’s visibility as well as help with social media marketing; lots of event attendees will post their photos on social media for their friends and followers to see. Those images can be branded, custom step-and-repeats can be added as backdrops and the possibilities for marketing is endless!

Printing Options

Our photo station with printing in Minneapolis can be customized to fit your brands’ needs! We can offer a variety of paper sizes ranging from 4×6, 5×7, 16×4 and more depending on the needs of each client. We also offer metallic 5×7 paper for a luxury and upscale feel. Branded photo holders and folders can be also added for additional brand awareness and a high-end feel.

Please inquire to learn about different options we can offer – we would be happy to find one that benefits your event the most.