Photo Booth and Event Safety Measures During COVID-19

Photo Booth and Event Safety Measures During COVID-19

If you have been invited to an event recently or have been thinking about planning your own gathering, it’s likely that the question of safety would be on your mind. How are events looking these days? What are vendors doing to protect you? Is it safe to use a photo booth? While so many questions arise, one thing remains certain – celebrations and events are looking different at this time. From downsizing to following the new safety guidelines, most of the events need to be restructured or planned with additional considerations. So how exactly do celebrations look after we implement all the current safety measures? We’d say more intimate and just as beautiful if you look at our recent graduation party at the beautiful Hutton House.  Designed and executed by White Peacock Events, this event provided a stunning space for the client and their guests to enjoy their special occasion while following all the current CDC guidelines.

Photo Booth and Event Safety Measures During COVID-19 at this party included:

    • All vendors submitted their COVID preparedness plans in advance of being in the venue
    • The front entrance doors, as well as the sliding doors to the courtyard, remained open to allow for airflow
    • Set up hand sanitizer stations throughout the venue
    • Installed Plexi shields in front of each bar
    • Signage was placed throughout the venue reminding guests about social distancing
    • Gorgeous lounges and seating arrangements supported social distancing requirements
    • All vendors wore face masks
    • Custom branded face masks were created and for guests to wear
    • Food was butler passed and all individually packaged – slider burgers, mini hot dogs, pizza skewers, etc. Everything was individually packaged so guests could “grab and go” and discard when they were finished
    • Catering staff wore both masks and gloves
    • Check-in guest list at the door to ensure the venue didn’t exceed the number of guests allowed at one time per capacity restrictions in place due to current regulations

As a photo booth company, we eliminated touchpoints for our open style booth – we created a custom photo booth guest book post-event. While we didn’t use any props, our client opted for a magazine cover layout that was not only uniquely customized to them but also eliminated any need for props while still making the experience fun and memorable.

As you can see, times are different, but as professionals, we are here to ease your mind. Each vendor has their own guidelines on keeping you and your guests safe so you can still celebrate and make your celebration uniquely yours!

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A yard with Event Safety Measures During COVID-19

Few flower bouquets

White chairs and tables set up on a lawn

Cards and pens

Cards and pens

Envelope and photos attached to a wall

Lounge chair Event Safety Measures During COVID-19

Socially distances lounge as an Event Safety Measure During COVID-19

A decorated table on a lawn

Floral Bouquets

Socially distanced lounge as an Event Safety Measure During COVID-19

White chairs and tables set up outside

Socially distant Event with Safety Measures During COVID-19

Socially distant event with Safety Measures During COVID-19

Photo Booth set up according to Event Safety Measures During COVID-19

Lounge set up according to Event Safety Measures During COVID-19

Photo Booth and Event Safety Measures During COVID-19

A large butterfly on a tree

Signage on a wall

A bouquet of roses

Flowers and butterflies

A lounge area set up according to Event Safety Measures During COVID-19

Florals and butterflies

Colorful flowers

Flowers and butterflies on a table

Signage about Event Safety Measures During COVID-19

A room set up according to Event Safety Measures During COVID-19

Exterior of a building with photos and a giant butterfly A giant butterfly on a building

A giant paper butterfly on a building

Exterior of a building

Exterior of a building

Black and white magazine cover photo of two women

Black and white magazine cover photo of two men

Black and white magazine cover photo

Black and white magazine cover photo

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Photo Booth Rental For an 80s Themed Event

80s themed events are always popular and always fun – it’s all about creative fashion, loud colors, makeup, hair, music, and rocking the night away! Given how much effort people put into getting ready for such parties we always say that a photo booth rental for 80s themed event is a must! We customize the booth for each party having so many colorful backdrops to choose from and adding 80s props for extra fun!

Photo Booth Rental For an 80s themed event at the PNA Hall for Valentine’s Day

For this particular 80s themed event at the PNA Hall in Northeast, the client opted for our open style photo booth with photo strips (they have more of an old school feel!) with our 80s lava backdrop. It all was tied together with a template that supports the theme. The images from this party turned out amazing – with 3 photos snapped, guests had the opportunity to have their creativity run wild.

What do our clients get when they rent our open style booth?

  • With each open style booth rental our clients get:
  • 3 hours of rental (additional hours can be added)
  • An on-site attendant who runs the booth
  • Unlimited prints for each person in a photo
  • Online gallery with all the images after the event
  • A choice of backdrop and a template made specifically for each event
  • Props if desired
  • Text message sharing or sharing via customized email can be added.

Why does your party need a photo booth?

While an event lasts for a few hours, memories from it will stay with your guests for a long time. No matter if you are a brand or having a personal reason to celebrate, a photo booth will capture the fun and remind your guests about the good time they had.

See our other 80s themed parties here:

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80s themed colorful photos
80s themed photo strip with 3 photos
80s themed party photo strip

80s themed party photo strip
80s themed party colorful photo
80s themed party photo strip

80s themed party photos
80s themed party colorful photo strip
80s themed party photo strip

three photos of a group of people
80s themed party photo strip
Colorful photo strip with 3 photos

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Magazine Cover Photo Booth in Minneapolis

Magazine Cover Photo Booth

Magazine cover photo booths and photo ops become increasingly popular for being a unique blend of a clean and modern setup, red carpet luxury feel, and a fun photo booth experience. Photo booths themselves have been around for a while, so coming up with something different and being able to customize photo booths for every client is important. This is why we start with learning about each of our client’s objectives before offering options for their particular event.

So How Does this Magazine Cover Photo Booth Works?

For this elegant birthday party, our client wanted something classy and upscale and this Glam photo booth hit the spot. This type of booth uses a skin-smoothing technology. removing minor blemishes and imperfections which means people look their best in photos. It’s no wonder that this booth is often called The Kardashian photo booth – there is hardly a Hollywood party that happens without it. For our client, adding a custom overlay that was designed specifically for her was a perfect touch. And the cherry on top? The images can be texted to guests’ phones immediately which means they can instantly share them on social media without waiting for the gallery to be uploaded online.

Extra Luxury Touch

Our magazine cover photo booth comes with 4×6 prints, however, for an extra luxury experience, there is an option to upgrade to 5×7 metallic paper which makes prints extra beautiful. We guarantee it will wow your guests and will elevate your event even more.

See our favorite images from this birthday party below.

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Black and white photo of a couple

Magazine Cover photo of a man and a woman

Magazine Cover with a smiling couple

A photo of a couple

Photos of two women

Black and white photo of a woman with men

Photo of three people

Black and white Magazine Cover with three people

Magazine Cover with two women

Black and white magazine cover


Where can you see more samples from our glam booth?

You can see some of our previous Glam Booth rentals here:

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Photo Booth With Glam Filter In Minneapolis

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Hollywood Glam Booth Rental

Hollywood Glam Photo Booth for Modern Events

In the world of modern technology, we believe in customizing photo booths to fit your particular event seamlessly. No matter if you are having a wedding, small family get together, or a large corporate conference, we can offer something that will complement your event and enhance the experience of your guests. At this particular event for a Valentine’s Day dinner at Tullibee, we offered to our client our black and white Hollywood Glam Photo Booth with 4×6 prints. This photo experience was made popular by the Kardashians. Now you can find it pretty much at any Hollywood inspired party. 

Hewing Hotel prepared a special dining experience for their guests and added a Hollywood Glam Booth for a special touch. After dinner, guests were able to come to the rooftop overlooking Minneapolis. They enjoyed the view as well as get a photo taken to remember the night. The choice of black and white photo with a smoothing beauty filter created a photo booth experience like no other!

Each of our Glam Booth rentals provides:

  • Smoothing and contrast filter that removes small blemishes and makes people looks their absolute best
  • 4×6 prints for everyone to take home
  • Sharing the images immediately via text message
  • The white or black backdrop for a clean timeless look

Our Hollywood Glam Booth can also create images in color if you prefer a vibrant look!

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A black and white photo of a couple smiling

Two women smiling using props

Hollywood Glam Photo Booth photo of a smiling couple

Hollywood Glam Photo Booth with a man kissing a woman on a check

A smiling couple

A smiling couple

Hollywood Glam Photo Booth

Two woman hugging an smiling

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Festive Photo Activation at Target Field

Photography can be an exceptional tool for brands and corporations in more ways than you might expect. With the right setup and some creativity, it can serve the dual purpose of providing entertainment and spreading brand awareness. That was the case with our experience at Target Field, where we were able to help our client show their employees a good time and simultaneously expose their brand with photo activation.

Event at Target Field

This annual event for our client provides a fun and festive atmosphere for their employees who’re enjoying it as an annual company event. The entire stadium is reserved for guests to enjoy as they help themselves to food, drinks, and family-friendly activities. There are bounce houses for kids, hot chocolate and coffee, and several photo ops. This year we had three photo activation stations, each with its own unique twist and brand awareness potential.

The first was using the stadium as a backdrop with a sign that read “Welcome To The Target Field.” The simplest of the three, but it gave guests a good opportunity to share where they’d been. The 2nd booth was even more exciting. As guests posed, we were able to project them onto the stadium’s massive jumbotron screen and photograph their images from afar. This was particularly exciting for the children and baseball fans present, who could relish their images on the screen and share the moment with family and friends afterward. Finally, our 3rd booth was located in the Bat and Barrel restaurant. This one featured a branded Boomerang kiosk, further enhancing the visual reach of their brand. Each of the three kiosks featured logos and branding from all our clients, putting their images alongside those of our guests while a good time was had by all.

Quality Corporate Photo Activation

Nearly any event could be a successful branding opportunity with the help of photo activation. At Time Into Pixels, we love showing our clients that branding can both fun and effective. Contact us today to learn how we can enhance your next corporate event!

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Branded digital kiosk

Branded digital kiosk

Banded digital kiosk

A sign

A photographer taking a photo of a couple

Photographer taking a photo

A magazine and a photo

A magazine and a photo



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Green Screen Photo Activation at The X Games

Green screen photography isn’t only limited to backgrounds. With experience and a little creativity, any aspect of the photo can be changed. Green screen photo activation is also great for working in products or branding into your photos. This integrates perfectly into a corporate event, or even a large-scale marketing operation, like a recent event with our Minneapolis-area company.

Great Clips and the X Games Aspen

Although we’re based out of Minneapolis, Time Into Pixels Photo Booth can travel to any event. We were so excited to take on the scope of Great Clips’ project: an immersive brand experience. The centerpiece of all of our work was a green screen photo activation. Each person who took a photo got a VIP green screen lanyard. We used our technology to make it look like our subjects were skiing and snowboarding down the mountain at the X Games in Aspen. They had real, Great Clips branded props! The people who visited the booth received their lanyards, which was not only a memorable keepsake. Wearing them was a conversation starter and something that drove traffic towards the Great Clips booth.

Only the Start of the Story

Although the lanyards were the centerpiece of our work with Great Clips, it wasn’t the only thing that we brought to the party. Time into Pixels worked with them to provide everything that they needed. From a branded tent to a giveaway of branded hard candies, to the real props with the Great Clips brand, they were well-represented. We were also successful at coordinating other immersive elements. Everyone wore branded jackets, just like the X Games athletes. We were able to have three Olympic medalists sign autographs from our booth. We were even able to give free haircuts by a Great Clips stylist for three days during the event!

Corporate Green Screen Photo Activation for Companies in Minneapolis

There are efficient, effective ways to keep your event running. There are creative and memorizing ways to get your message out there. At Time Into Pixels Photo Booth, we can help you balance both and create a truly memorable experience at your event. Contact us for more information on corporate green screen photo activation or to tell us about your upcoming event.

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A girl on the snowboard

A man on the snowboard

A man on the snowboard

People people facing away

Tent at night

Two men

People and a tent in a snow

Line of people

People in the snow next to a black tent

A line next to a tent

People next to a tent

People next to a tent

A line of people next to a tent

Photo prints

A person posing

Hands holding skies

Hands holding a photo

Hands holding a snowboard

Hands holding a photo

A photo

A person with a snowboard

Two people

A tent with a logo

A tent with a logo

Photos on a table

A person taking a photo next to a green screen

A sign

A part of skies with a logo

Green Lollipops

a tablet

Branded kiosk with a logo

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