Custom Photo Booth at MOA for Garnier

Custom Photo Booth for Garnier Cosmetics

Brands come to us for creative, meaningful ways to interact with the public. We recently teamed up with Garnier at Mall of America with a custom photo booth and, as expected, it was fabulous!

Garnier knows their customers want to have fun and look good doing it. We were so excited to break ground with them in Bloomington, MN by providing a customized experience for their clients. The shot incorporated a faux foliage setting with branded equipment for Garnier’s new Whole Blends paraben-free shampoo line. After snapping a few glamour shots, visitors submitted their photos to a social media raffle for a chance to win a vacation and a year worth of supplies from Whole Blends. To say the least, it was a successful promo event filled with fun, laughs, and beauty!

Visual content is on the rise for all brands and events. In the world of digital content, photos are simply more accessible and shareable than any other type of media. Images are actually favored by social media algorithms, and feedback shows a preference for visual content among users. Time Into Pixels takes visual content a step further. We enable spontaneous brand expression that’s authentic and meaningful, that can be shared in real time among thousands of friends.

Our pop up with Garnier was too much fun and a successful demonstration of the Whole Blends brand. Mall of America was an excellent location for the event that garnished valuable exposure for their Whole Blends line. It was so rewarding to see Garnier supporters (along with passersby) enjoying themselves in the “booth,” and taking the initiative to share this content online. The prize raffle was facilitated by an Instagram hashtag campaign, which became a trend in seconds!

With our photo booths, brand engagement comes naturally. It’s also an intimate way to stir up awareness, get to know your clients, and document their interactions with your product. Garnier’s event highlights the power of photo booths to create, promote and distribute organic content for brands of all sizes.

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Green backdrop wall


photo booth kiosk with a logo


branded signs


white branded signs


sharing kiosk and a sign with a logo


sharing station and green backdrop in a store


Green backdrop with flowers and kiosk

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iPad Photo Booth Rental at The Mall of America in Minneapolis

Celebrating Local Heroes

Time Into Pixels had the chance to help honor our local first responders by participating in a private event at the Mall of America Nickelodeon Experience and providing an iPad photo booth rental for them! It was such a fun event! The attendees got to have the whole park to themselves. It was an amazing opportunity for first responders and their families to let loose and have fun. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate our local heroes!


iPad Photo Booth


Our iPad station was the perfect choice for this event. Our friends at Girl Friday Creative built a beautiful backdrop for attendees to pose in front of. With the iPad, people have the option of either taking regular still photos orBoomerangs. Boomerangs are a few second long clips that play on a loop. They are perfect for posting on Instagram or other social media sites. They’re a really fun way to get creative with different poses, movements, and props.


The iPad photo booth is great for casual or busy events because it is so simple. We’re in charge of setting it up and managing it through the event, so our clients don’t have to worry. This type of photo booth doesn’t require as much space as some of our other options, so it works really well in small venues. Instead of printing the photos, participants can email or text it to themselves. That way, they could share it to their personal social media or print it out themselves however they wanted. This lets attendees decide what they want to do with their photos; it also saves us the hassle of bringing a printer so we can pass those savings onto the client.



Our favorite part of the iPad photo booth was the branding! We designed a custom frame to put on the bottom of each picture with information about the event. That way, every participant’s friends and followers could see where they were taken and learn more about the amazing things that the Mall of America has to offer. It was a really easy way to get lots of publicity for the event.


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Open Style Photo Booth and Live Photography at Mayo Clinic’s Event in Rochester

Screening of The Mayo Clinic: Faith – Hope – Science

Time Into Pixels Photography and Photo Booth was proud to provide our open style photo booth and live photography service to The Mayo Clinic for the screening of the PBS documentary The Mayo Clinic: Faith – Hope – Science. The documentary follows the life of The Mayo Clinic’s founder Dr. W. W. Mayo. We returned to the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, MN, where we had the pleasure of photographing three years ago at their grand opening. This time we provided customized photo booths featuring the documentary’s director and title to commemorate the film’s release on the 25th of September 2018, 9-11 pm on your local PBS station. The two-hour film features the voices of celebrated actors Tom Hanks, Sam Waterston, Blythe Danner, and Josh Lucas.

Open Style Photo Booth and Live Photography in Rochester

Our customized step-and-repeat photo booth stations at the VIP reception sported a custom navy backdrop of the film’s director and title in gold. The two stations blended perfectly with the elegance of the screenings decor and the wall of windows at the Mayo Civic center.

We also provided three identical photo booth stations in the main reception area that was open to the public. Each station had a backdrop of a beautiful red curtain and a navy frame with the director, title, and release date written in gold. At the request of The Mayo Clinic, we provided three printing stations with free 4×6 prints in customized folders, free of charge to the public.

The family-friendly event boasted 5000 attendees, many of whom enjoyed our step-and-repeat live photography and photo booths in Rochester. Following the event, the public enjoyed the screening of the documentary, followed by a drone show. We at Time Into Pixels Photography and Photo Booth are proud to have helped to make the screening of the historic film a memorable and elegant event for the film’s creators, The Mayo Clinic and the public.


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Event banner at the entrance of the Rochester Civic Center


Live photography printers with backdrops at the Rochester Civic Center






Open Style Photo Booth


Open Style Photo Booth


Custom folders with photos


Mayo Clinic Custom Folders



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Green Screen Photo Booth Spotlighting in Las Vegas

Green Screen Photo Booth And Data Collection Minneapolis

At Time Into Pixels Photography and Photo Booth, we are here to help your event attendees have fun while collecting data and providing brand awareness for your company using our green screen photo booth.

Nationwide Photo Booths

People love having their picture taken and photographs are a great way to market your company. This is where we come in. Recently we had the privilege of being part of the World Financial Group (WFG) Convention in Las Vegas. For this insurance trade show, we brought in our custom built, green screen photo booth for our client, Nationwide. The goal was to attract more conference attendees to the Nationwide booth with our unique photo opportunity. The portable green screen allowed attendees to pick their backdrop, making for a fun and memorable experience. While taking photographs, photos were shared on two screens at the booth for an almost instant slideshow.

After having their photo taken, people were given prints and when they provided their text or email, a digital copy. Each print had our client’s logo on it. Over the two day event, our booth ran for nine hours each day and had a constant line. We spotlighted out clients logo on the photo booth screen for the almost 20,000 conference attendees to see. Additionally, we had sharing stations to collect agents email to follow up with them (with their agreement).

Besides having the client logo visible to conference goers, the text and email information we collected was another invaluable benefit. Participants went home with a photo to put in their office with our client’s logo on it. With our custom green screen photo booth, we were able to effectively and successfully meet the goal of drawing in more people and collect data for our client using our photo marketing.

Photo Booth Rental Minneapolis

Time Into Pixels is located in Minneapolis but for large events like this one, we travel across the US to your city. We are happy to help you utilize photo marketing as a tool for brand awareness and data collection with our photo booths.

Photo Booth with Green Screen Jazzes up Minneapolis

Photo Booth with Green Screen In Minneapolis

Creating a memorable experience is what we love to do at Time Into Pixels Photography and Photo Booth. With our open style photo booth with green screen technology, we bring to life your ideas for the perfect event experience.

Twin City Jazz Festival


At the 20th Annual Twin City Jazz Festival, we embraced North Memorial Health’s desire to provide a unique souvenir from the popular music event all the while boosting their brand awareness. With our client, we picked background images that brought the Big Easy to the Jazz Festival, such as the world-famous Preservation Hall. We then brought in some props, including a saxophone and trumpet, which added that extra jazz feel. We let the people getting their photos, pick their backdrop and props. Concert-goers were able to take home a 4×6 print of two different images. Included on the print was the logo for our client. An estimated 30,000 people were to attend this music event. That’s a lot of people potentially seeing our client’s logo.


You dream the idea. We add our open style green screen photo booth (we once fit 17 people in at one time) with a green screen to make any vision come true. With green screens, the “green” is digitally removed and we add your backdrop in while keeping the original image, the people, unaltered.


Inviting and visually appealing our modern photo booths bring a distinctive experience and fun to any occasion. What kind of experience can you imagine? We can bring it to fruition while making your brand known to all who take home their photo keepsake. Our social media station takes this even further. Attendees take home the memories and your branding. Even more so, think E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, SMS and other social media outlets for instant digital sharing with your logo on it.


Think about the possibilities of memories, growth and brand recognition with the added fun of a photo booth at your next event. TIP Photo Booth is located near you in Minneapolis or we love to travel to meet you and see your city!


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Photo Booth With Green Screen




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Photo Booth Rental Highlights Fun at the Bacon and Beer Festival in Minneapolis

The Bacon and Beer Festival

Photo booth rental is a great way to liven up any corporate event, not just private celebrations. Each year, we partner up with the Bacon and Beer Classic Festival in Minneapolis to offer festival-goers an additional treat to remember a wonderful experience. Guests aren’t the only ones to enjoy it, though. The Bacon and Beer Festival gained a few simple marketing benefits with its fun attraction.

Photo Booth Rental Fun

People love pictures and festival guests were eager to add a bit of flair to their memorable shots with entertaining props such as giant beer mugs and bacon strips. The opportunity to let loose and have fun brought out everyone’s best mood for the occasion, which meant they were happy to encourage others to do the same.

Photo booth pictures were soon shared throughout the event and afterward. A neat strip of photos from our open style photo booth became a conversation point between families and friends. Group pictures were shared and tagged on social media. Word-of-mouth advertising became even more powerful once others could see the fun for themselves.

The Bacon and Beer Festival chose to add logos to their prop selections as well, which meant that anytime photos were shared, people made a positive association between their brand and a smile. For a public event, the image of people having fun is the best kind of brand awareness.

Leave an Impression

Even after an event is over, pictures remain to remind people of an exciting time. Anyone who attended the Bacon and Beer Festival might stick that small strip of photos on a mirror or a wall and look at it from time to time. Then, when the Festival returns, those photos serve as a souvenir that keeps people coming back year after year.

A picture is truly worth a thousand words and the event surrounding it is definitely part of the conversation. If you think a photo booth rental is a perfect attraction to brighten up your public event, please contact us today for more information.

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