Since the first photo booth opened nearly one hundred years ago, they’ve been a consistently popular way to take quick pictures of a person or a pair—or a larger group, if they don’t mind the squeeze. As photo booths evolved from fixtures at malls or arcades to being rented out for different types of events, the drawback of the tiny space evolved as well, into the open-style photo booth.  There are lots of opportunities to create a unique experience with this booth and a custom photo booth backdrop is one of them.

Custom Photo Booth Backdrop

Now we have a new version of that open-space booth, personalized for our state: The Minnesota Custom Booth Backdrop, originally developed for Super Bowl LII festivities. Whether the subjects are a couple or more people than could dream of fitting in an old-style booth, the Minnesota cut-out accommodates as many people as you need—if a group is especially large, the open-space nature of the booth lets more people comfortably stand in front of the backdrop and show their Minnesota pride together.


As a Minneapolis-based company, we understand the connection Minnesotans have to their state, and the interest visitors have in us. Even people who shy away from photo booths frequently see the Minnesota backdrop and say, “Now that’s a picture I’m willing to take.” No matter what kind of event you’re planning—corporate meetings, weddings, or anything in-between—the Minnesota backdrop is something that will make people go home and tell the people who weren’t there, “I saw the most interesting thing…” In the end, that’s what you want: attendees who go home with memories of your work. It feels good on a personal level, and when someone else needs an event planned, they’ll want to know who ran the event with that one unique thing they remember so clearly.


That could be you. Contact us to find out more about employing an open-style photo booth, and the Minnesota backdrop, at your next event.


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