What is a 360 Video Booth?

360 booth rental in Minneapolis is the newest trend in event entertainment. With the use of the most innovative technology, this booth creates stunning videos that would make your guests feel like superstars. The way it works is quite simple – guests stand on a small platform and an arm with a camera revolves around them capturing them in slow motion. The videos then are enhanced with multiple effects such as paparazzi camera flashes, light painting, fun transitions, etc. We also add additional lighting to the set up to make sure the videos are totally stunning and amazingly lit.

What Type of Events Would Benefit From Having a 360 Booth Rental in Minneapolis?

Anything from weddings to private parties and from corporate events to larger brand activations benefits from having a 360 booth. The booth creates such stunning videos that if you’d like to entertain your guests all night, this would be a fantastic option to keep them coming back over and over and enjoying using the 360 booth multiple times. As a result, this incredible experience will make your party memorable!

Our corporate clients get an additional benefit – such sharable content is something your guests would want to post online for their friends and followers to see. When it comes to content like this, customization is a key as well as an additional way to promote your event or brand. A perfect addition is an option to add your names or logo to the videos to catch the eye of the people seeing them.

360 Booths are Interactive

Not only this type of booth creates amazing sharable content, but it also is super interactive and immersive. The best part about it is that it doesn’t look like a booth at all! Additional installs such as balloons can be added to create extra visual impact and gorgeous videos.