Photo Booth Rental in Minneapolis: An NYC NYE at the Hewing Hotel

New Year’s Eve is one of Time Into Pixel’s favorite holidays! The excitement, the glamour, and the champagne make for some of the best parties of the year. The New Year’s Eve celebration at the Hewing Hotel was one of those memorable holiday parties with our photo booth rental in Minneapolis.

Photo Booth Rental In Minneapolis: An NYC NYE at the Hewing Hotel

The event was New York City-themed and cleverly called The Minnie-Apple. All the guests were dressed to the nines, and they looked great! There were iconic images of New York all around the place. Each table was decorated to look like a classic yellow taxi and a miniature Lady Liberty was there to oversee the whole event. The cover included free drinks and free food all night! There was also amazing music and performances by Enticing Entertainment. It could not have been more fun!

The Venue

The Hewing Hotel is a fantastic venue in the North Loop neighborhood. The beautiful lobby and ballroom were the perfect glamorous setting for this event. The hotel boasts gorgeous rooms, a delicious restaurant, and lots of meeting and event spaces.

Picture Perfect Memories

The organizers choose to use our traditional booth for their photo booth rental in Minneapolis. The guests had a blast posing for the camera. We picked super fun New Years’ – themed props for the guests to choose from. We used signs with cute sayings on them like “See you at the gym… next year!” and, of course, glasses of champagne! We also designed a photo strip. It was also colored yellow to look like a New York taxi and showed off our love for all things New York. Guests got to let loose and be silly in front of the camera. It’s a really fun and no-fuss way to get amazing photos. We do all the setup and tear down, so the organizers can just focus on just doing their thing.

If you want to treat your guests to an amazing photo booth, give us a call. We’re so excited to hear from you!


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Lobby with Christmas trees


Interior with cocktail tables


Small statue of Liberty


Prop signs


Photo Booth print out


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Photography with Live Printing: Make Your Event Memorable

Special Holiday Experience At Gillette Hospital

Recently, Time Into Pixels Photography and Photo Booth received a client request for a photo opt at the Gillette Hospital for the children residing. We teamed up with BeEvents to make the day special. We are happy to say that the event was exciting and memorable with our live printing. For the children who spent their holiday at the hospital, our client wanted them to feel included in the holiday spirit and to have fun!

To create this event, we set up and decorated an area and invited special guests to spend time with the children. Twin players and Mascot were able to come and the kids had the chance to take a beautiful 5×7 photo with a player.

Live Printing With Perks

After each child took their photo, they received a 5×7 print. This large sized print makes it the perfect choice for the holidays. In addition, they are smudge and water resistant free. Another few perks to live printing is including a hashtag for Instagram or Twitter. After the event, you can download and share your images in an online gallery. Here are some examples.

Metallic Paper

At this particular event, the images were printed on our luxury metallic paper, which gave the images a beautiful and unique finish. Metallic photo paper produces a striking in-depth effect to the quality of the photographs. It is a wonderful paper to use for an event that you want to make memorable. Once the image was taken, we inserted it into a custom photo folder, for each child to take home. These small touches brought the experience to a whole new level.


Our client who made this event take place created a super nice experience for the kids. If your looking for live printing services and luxury metallic paper, talk to us and we will happily serve you. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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Smiling woman with a prop

Smiling man in oversized glasses

Smiling man with a dog

a photo of a mascot

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Green Screen Photo Booth: Adidas at the Pourhouse

Green Screen Photo Booth Rental

Recently, Time Into Pixels Photography and Photo Booth went to the Pourhouse in Minneapolis. Adidas wanted their guests to have the best photo entertainment possible. Green screen photo booth rental fit their needs perfectly! Everyone had a blast, and we have the photos to prove it!

Exciting Night to Remember With A Green Screen Photo Booth Rental

Adidas asked for a hashtag overlay and plenty of GIF options, and we delivered! The guests had a great time, with photos both serious and silly. It was a great night for everybody, with a DJ, and instantly made custom t-shirts. The games were a lot of fun, but it was our photos at the green screen that made the night unforgettable.

Our Experience Works for You

We’ve worked events all over the country, from the coasts to the heartland. We enjoy our events that have been closer to home, like when we were at the Mall of America for a Super Bowl event. But the variety of experience we’ve gotten from traveling has made us who we are.  We put the customer first, and take one more worry off your mind. Let us put our years of experience with green screens at work for you!

We Travel

While we’re based in Minneapolis, we’re happy to travel anywhere in the country for your event! Give us a call! We’re happy to travel to you for your event, so you can have one less thing to worry about. We bring the green screen, and you get a good night’s sleep!

If you’re looking for a green screen for your next event, talk to us and we’ll do the rest. We can’t wait to hear from you and find a service that fits your event perfectly!

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wall made of soccer balls

Dancefloor and a DJ

Green screen photo booth rental


Green screen photo booth rental


Green screen photo booth rental


crowded venue with people


Green screen photo booth rental


Two women are posing for a photo

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Why a Photo Booth With Custom Backdrops Gives a Cozier Ambience

The Importance Of Making It Special

Planning a special event, formal or informal, requires an attention to detail. When the goal is to celebrate a special occasion or to show gratitude for an individual or a group, it’s important to meet the guests’ needs and make sure they have an enjoyable time. They leave feeling valued and appreciated, boosting company morale and loyalty. It’s not only a nice thing to do, but it benefits the company, making it easy to justify the expenditure. Here’s why a photo booth with custom backdrops is the perfect way to make your event more memorable.

Holiday Parties: Ending The Year Right

Maybe it’s a Christmas or holiday celebration, or maybe an end-of-the-year bash. Whatever the reason, make it memorable. People might disagree on types of music, food, and decorations, but a photo booth is something everyone can enjoy. The many options available make it easy to customize for any event, making it an entertaining and unique experience. Guests enjoy the fun atmosphere and are able to take home a souvenir.

Photo Booth With Custom Backdrops And Prints

Winter backdrops are a festive way to bring creativity to the photo booth. Fir trees and snowflakes add a touch of beauty and comfort.

Holiday lights and colors become even more impressive when printed on metallic paper. Vivid colors, sharp details, and a pearlescent finish leave a lasting impression. Larger than standard prints mean an exceptional and unique experience.

Minneapolis’ Premier Photo Booth

Customized backgrounds give you the control. Brand awareness for easy marketing, a green screen for ultimate magic, traditional photo booths, boomerang booths, and slow-motion video booths give an endless supply of options. Our social media station allows guests to share digital copies immediately.

If you have a vision of what you want, or if you lack ideas, let us help you. Our extensive background in working with corporations and our experience in photography means quality you can trust. If you have questions or want more information, contact us.

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Christmas tree next to a wooden backdrop

A photo of two people holding signs

A big sign

Christmas tress next to a wooden backdrop

Decorated hallway

Hands holding a photo

Photos of a group of people

Two photos of a couple

Photos of a group of people

Photos of a group of people

Two photos of a couple with props

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Live photography with printing: Photos with Santa

Complimenting the Scene With The Style of Your Brand

Time Into Pixels had the pleasure to do live photography with printing at a party for a client at the Mall of America. It was a private event for attendees to take a photo with Santa Claus. As guests walked in, they saw an intimate scene with white present decorations surrounding Santa. Purple ornaments covered Santa’s slay, where he was sat. We made sure to promote the style and brand of our client. However, we also had the colors remain truthful to Christmas while also complimenting the client’s brand color in a unique way. Here’s more on our photos with Santa and the joys of printing in Minneapolis:

Live Photography with Printing: The Sweet Moments with Santa

For this event, families could take 4×6 photos with Santa and to their excitement, the photos were immediately printable. It was wonderful because not only were images easily accessible, but guests could upload a digital print from their phone in case they wanted to post it on social media or send to a family member.

One of the sweetest moments of the event was the kids telling Santa their wishes for Christmas. It was wonderful to feel the Christmas spirit! In addition, our event was the first time for some babies to have their photo taken with Santa Claus!

Benefits of Using Our Event Services

We cater to your style at the event. In addition, our photographs are highly personable, making everyone feel included in the experience. Using our top of the line printer allows for each guest to leave with a physical image. They also have the option to upload their image on social media, with the company’s logo. To further cater to your needs, we can create customizable backdrops. By capturing striking imagery at the highlights of the event, we make sure your event reflects your brand.

If you’re interested in our event photography services, check out our work here.


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Santa surrounded by white gift boxes

Santa surrounded by white gift boxes


White gift boxes with ribbons


Christmas tree branch with ornaments


Christmas tree branch with a purple ribbon


White gift box with a ribbon

Purple sign

Santa with two women surrounded by gift boxes

A group of people with Santa

Santa with a man and women

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