Having a photo booth at your party is highly on trend and the perfect way to allow guests the opportunity to bring home proof of their amazing time at your event. For your next big event, we invite you to look into our new option of Glam Booth Rental to give your guests a beautiful memory to take home that holds onto your high standards.

What is a glam booth?

A glam booth is a photo booth rented for events that a more finished touch to the final photograph. New technology allows guests to look their best while having the time of their lives. This type of photo booth has a presence at many A-list Hollywood events, and the staff and players who were present at the Viking’s staff meeting enjoyed the pictures they were able to take.

What makes this booth different?

What could make this booth different from a normal photo booth rental? The glam booth uses the same technology that is implemented in celebrity photography to give party-goers a Kardashian-like finish. Immediately upon printing, the photo is touched up to smooth over any skin blemishes or imperfections to give flawless skin. In the case of well-known names and faces such as athletes, looking their best is paramount to their livelihood.

What are the photos like?

Typically printed in black and white on a 4×6 size, we also offer the option to allow color printing which gave the guests exactly what they were looking for and allowed them to look their best.


This photo booth is a huge success at a high-level event that celebrated the Viking’s staff. The memories these individuals got to take home showed their most glowing and beautiful sides, which they will be able to share with others for years to come.

Having a glam booth rental could take your next party or event from everyday to extraordinary, please feel free to contact us on our website with any questions. We would love to help you celebrate!


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