Aria Minneapolis Photo Booth

Aria Minneapolis Photo Booth

Aria Minneapolis photo booth rental is one of our favorite types of rentals. No matter what type of booth you opt for, we can customize your Minneapolis event to be uniquely yours and to reflect your style as a couple. We offer a wide variety of services – anything from open style booths, Glam Booths as well as traditional booths to 360 booths is possible at Aria.

Aria Minneapolis Wedding

We met Kara and Brian when they were planning their winter wedding at Aria and they opted for our open style booth for their wedding. While they had to reschedule their special day due to the global pandemic, when they finally were able to get married, they were surrounded by their family and friends and it was nothing short of perfect. Their special day was cozy and warm while it snowed outside as well. Decorated with dark floral (thanks to Lilia Flower Boutique) and candles, this wedding was simply dreamy! We matched the photo booth to the style Kara and Brian selected for their wedding too. The dark-colored template matched their florals and the gold backdrop gave it a glam, upscale feel. The couple added props to make this the most ultimate and fun experience for their guests. They also opted for a photo booth guest book so they can look back at all of the images and signatures by their loved ones and guests.

Aria Minneapolis weddings are one of our favorites! This venue is conveniently located in the heart of Minneapolis and is a world-class space that can be uniquely customized. It offers a multitude of possibilities; from ceiling floral and light installations to chandeliers and accent pieces – this place is so chic, stylish and can make come to life pretty much any idea.

Photo Booth Rental At Bavaria Downs

Photo Booth Rental At Bavaria Downs

This photo booth rental at Bavaria Downs for Makala and Patrick’s wedding was one for the books! The couple opted for our open style booth with large 4×6 prints to show their custom hedge backdrop with a neon sign made by Girl Friday Creative specifically for the occasion. The backdrop was set up in a way where this photo booth experience felt more like a classy, upscale photo op yet all the fun elements of a curated photo booth experience were still present. The smart custom setup allowed for gorgeous centerpieces, but also for a great flow of people in and out of the booth. After taking a photo, their guests were able to sign a guest book which is always a fantastic keepsake for the couple!

Bavaria Downs

Bavaria Downs is a versatile event space that allows for elegant, lavish weddings. The opportunities are endless and if you are looking to set up a custom photo booth experience right in the middle of the action during your reception, this space would absolutely allow for it.

Current Wedding Photo Booth Trends in 2021

Our couples often personalize their photo booth experience by adding custom neon signs and beautiful backdrops to their rentals. We see hedge backdrops, shiplap walls, hexagon arches decorated with floral, and everything in between. Also, repurposing the ceremony backdrop as a photo booth backdrop later during the day is one of the best ways to create that gorgeous photo op for you and your guests later during the reception.

If you are looking for a custom photo booth with a personalized backdrop but don’t know where to start, please reach out to us – we would be happy to help you! The options are basically endless and we are happy to help you to find the one that suits your needs best!

Aria Wedding with an Open Style Photo Booth

We absolutely love working at Aria in Minneapolis! This trendy event location combines old-world elegance with new world chic. The Aria features stunning exposed brick, pop art accents, and crystal chandeliers. This historic location was the perfect setting for Kaylee and Kramer to have their epic wedding with an open style photo booth, shortly after Christmas.


Sparkly Winter Wedding

The wedding of Kaylee and Kramer was filled with young adults ready to share their fun on social media. This was a Christmas wedding chalked full of sparkles and the old world charm of the Aria Event Center. The open style photo booth was an excellent choice for this social media-savvy group. The booth delivered the highest quality photography while fitting in with the feel of the wedding.

Event planner Nikki Hill ensured the happy couple and their guests were transformed into a winter wonderland. Pink, gold, and black were the highlighted colors of the evening and the open-concept venue felt cozy and inviting with Nikki’s expertly added decorations and ambiance.


Benefits of an Open Style Photo Booth

Having a photo booth in Minneapolis is the perfect way to let your guests go wild because this open design offers the ability for multiple people to easily share the shot. Photo sharing and social media tagging are another easy way to share weddings with everyone who wasn’t able to come. The open style photo booth Minneapolis is available for large and small groups. This modern photo experience is interactive and fun and guests will be talking about their photo experience for days after the event!


Contact us today to see how we can customize your wedding open style photo booth in Minneapolis! We offer brand awareness options for businesses. Social media sharing is easily arranged. All booths are customizable and interactive to ensure your guests leave with a smile on their face!

wedding open style photo booth

wedding open style photo booth

Table with floral

Table with floral

A sign

wedding open style photo booth photo strips


Neon Photo Booth “Rocked the Gala” this November

When you think of the 80s, what comes to mind? Neon colors, big hair, cassette tapes, and preppy sunglasses. Now imagine yourself at an 80s party, dressed to kill, and posing for some totally rad photos under the neon lights…We can make that dream a reality; with a neon photo booth!

Rock the Gala Goes 80s

The 2019 Rock the Gala party for the Results Foundation rocked out at the Lumber Exchange Event Center in Minneapolis. As this was an 80s-themed party, the guests were invited to dress in glam rock attire and be prepared for a gnarly good time. We brought our open style photo booth, so guests could get an awesome memento of their evening in the rocking 80s!

A Neon Photo Booth Made Especially for the Party

We added some pizzazz to our photo booth by equipping it with neon lights. The bright lights shone across the guests’ faces as they posed, creating a look worthy of the 1980s. Since many of the guests were already dressed up 80s-style, the neon glam really added to the shiny, disco-like effect. Our photo props added to the fun by supplying the guests with funky wigs, oversized mics, rocking-good hats, megaphones, and beautiful big sunglasses. We enjoyed snapping the photos almost as much as the guests enjoyed posing!

What Can We Do for Your Party?

The Rock the Gala event was 80s-themed, but our neon photo booth will work for other themed parties, as well. It adds bright lights, charisma, and flashy charm to all sorts of fun events. Do you have a party or event you’re planning for in the Minneapolis area? Let us know the theme or style of the event, and we’ll come up with a great photo booth that will be the hit of the party.

We love a good challenge, and we’re always willing to custom create a photo booth for specific events! Learn more about our open style photo booth. Your party is in good hands with Time Into Pixels Photography and Photo Booth.


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Two Women posing for a photo

Neon Photo Booth

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HeartLink Gala Event Photo Booth & Custom Backdrop

Children’s HeartLink Gala Event

Every year we are thrilled to work at the HeartLink Gala event in the Twin Cities. This upscale gala raises money for Children’s HeartLink, based in Minneapolis. HeartLink cares for children with heart disease. This is a very worthy cause, and it’s inspiring to see so many people gather together to support it!

Dazzling Beauty at the Hilton

This year the HeartLink Gala organizers chose the Hilton Minneapolis for its venue and Bungalow Six for its event planner. With such a posh location the only fitting backdrop for the photo booth would be something extra special.

Girl Friday Creative created a backdrop image with spectacular style. The beautiful gold lettering and sparkling red and purple accents looked dazzling above the charcoal gray background. A huge swag of red balloons framed a corner of the backdrop, giving people a natural space to stand and look fabulous as they got their pictures taken.

The Right Time and Place for a Photo Op

Working with our photo booth year after year at the HeartLink Gala convinces us that a fancy event is the absolute best time to rent a photo booth. You get a customized backdrop, your guests are all dressed to the nines, and the smiles keep coming as people line up to get their photo taken. At HeartLink Gala, we also set up digital sharing stations that are used to immediately share digital images.

A photo booth adds modern entertainment to any event, plus it helps your guests engage with each other. An open style photo booth delivers interactive fun for large group events, and the custom backdrop adds the perfect touch you’re looking for!

Time Into Pixels

If you are hosting a grand event in the Minneapolis area, seriously consider renting a photo booth with a custom backdrop. You and your guests will love the added glamour and excitement! Contact us today for more information.


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Women smiling next to a balloon backdrop

HeartLink Gala Photo Booth

HeartLink Gala Photo booth

HeartLink Gala Photo Booth

HeartLink Gala Ballon backdrop

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