Minnesota State Fair Photo Activation

The Minnesota State Fair is a beloved annual event that attracts thousands of attendees from all over the state. Amidst the rides, games, and delicious food, one green screen photo activation stood out, captivating fairgoers and promoting a brand in an innovative way. The full-body green screen Minnesota State Fair photo activation offered an exciting opportunity for attendees to immerse themselves in movie scenes of their choice. Not only did it provide an unforgettable experience for fair attendees, but it also served as a powerful promotional tool, generating additional exposure for the brand throughout the 12-day event.

Creating Immersive Memories

The full-body green screen photo activation allowed state fair attendees to step into their favorite movie scenes and become part of the action. From fantasy realms to action-packed adventures, the immersive nature of the experience left a lasting impression on participants. By providing a fun and interactive activity, brands can create memorable experiences that forge a strong connection with the audience.

Branded Sharing Station and Data Collection

In addition to the printed photos and branded lanyards, the photoactivation featured a branded sharing station. At the sharing station, attendees received their digital photo files, which they could easily share on social media platforms. This not only encouraged participants to spread the word about the activation and the brand but also allowed for the collection of valuable user-generated content. Fairgoers entering their data at the sharing station provided the client with an opportunity to collect important information for further marketing needs. By capturing participant data, such as email addresses or demographic details, the brand could tailor future marketing campaigns, promotions, or follow-up communication to a targeted audience.

The Minnesota State Fair photoactivation, with its full-body green screen, branded lanyards, and immersive experiences, showcased how photo activations can elevate brand exposure at public events. By providing engaging and memorable experiences, brands can create lasting impressions and generate user-generated content that extends their reach beyond the event itself. The combination of creativity, interactivity, and strategic branding allows photo activations to be a powerful tool for connecting with audiences and promoting brands in a fun and innovative way. Furthermore, incorporating a branded sharing station and data collection element provides valuable insights for future marketing efforts. Photoactivation becomes not only a source of entertainment but also a means of capturing participant information and expanding the brand’s marketing reach.