UL Xplorlabs Green Screen Photo Booth Rental in Washington DC

UL Xplorlabs

While we at Time Into Pixels love serving the Minneapolis community with our photo booth services, it is always a thrill to step out of our box and bring our skills and creativity to other areas of the country. Recently, our team had the amazing opportunity to work with a global independent safety science company called Underwriters Laboratories Inc. for their green screen photo booth rental and to create a trade show photo booth experience. Their booth, called UL Xplorlabs, was presented at the USA Science and Engineering Festival, held in Washington DC on April 7-8.

As this festival welcomed roughly 350,000 attendees over the course of those two days, the number of visitors to the UL Xplorlabs booth was estimated to be around 55,000 people! With such a high number of visitors, offering a cool photo opp like the one our team

designed was the perfect way to spread brand awareness for our client. Not only did their logo and brand make its way into the background and prints, but it created a fun and unique way to help the kids and families participating in the event to remember them.

Green Screen Photo Booth Rental

Since the focus on their trade booth was safety, our client wanted to have fire and logo related backgrounds for their images. For this, the booth utilized a green screen background with several image options, from fire engines to firefighters and buildings full of smoke. Guests loved donning lab coats and goggles and acting out the scene for the camera, and the keepsake prints they were able to take home made for a great souvenir of their time at the festival.


No matter where you are located, our team at Time Into Pixels would love the chance to bring charisma and entertainment to your next event with a photo booth rental. With so many backgrounds and photo booth styles to choose from, you can be sure that we can customize your booth to make it the perfect addition to your event. For more information, contact us today!


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Beautycounter 2018 Leadership Summit Photo Booth Rentals

Though we provide photo booth rentals for occasions of any size, it is always exciting when we to get to join in the frenzy and fun of an event hosting over 3500 people! Recently, we had the privilege of bringing our services to the thousands of people who participated in the Beautycounter 2018 Leadership Summit, held at The Armory in our beloved home city of Minneapolis.


Each backdrop for the event was a custom-made creation from event production and design house Maven and added just the right flair for this special occasion. Two of the backdrops utilized solid white backgrounds with balloon letter messages, while the other two were fresh floral walls. Each of the backdrops highlighted some of the Beautycounter themes, such as “Be Counter”, “Beauty Should Be Good For You”, “No Secrets Added”, and lastly, the company title “Beautycounter.”


With so many consultants participating in the event (and due to having photo booth areas in multiple areas of the venue), our cameras were constantly clicking, capturing the enthusiasm of the guests for the entire five hours that we were there!


For the hosting company, these photo booths were a great way to spread excitement at the event, as well as act as a marketing tool to spread awareness of their brand. First, each person who participated in one of the four photo booths received an instant print of their images to keep as a souvenir from the Leadership Summit. These images showcased a collage of pictures from their session, as well as the Beautycounter title and event name. Also, thanks to our social media station, each guest could instantly share these collage prints with their friends and acquaintances on a variety of social media platforms.


This Summit was a prime example of how our photo booth rentals can assist any event in capturing the joy of its guests and providing a great source of entertainment, all while promoting a brand both during and after the event’s conclusion. For more information on how we can bring a custom-designed photo booth to your next gathering, contact us today!

Photo Activation at the Grand Opening of Porsche Minnesota

Porsche St. Paul Grand Opening Photo Activation

One of the best parts of offering photo booth services to a variety of clients is that we get to use our creativity and innovative technology. We’re able to create the perfect custom backdrop for every type of function and client. From the fun and glamorous wedding photo booths to elegant and refined booths for a corporate party, we have something for everyone! Most recently, we were given the opportunity to skip the photo booth altogether and arrange a photo activation in Minnesota that was different and upscale, perfectly fitting the event we were participating in: the Grand Opening of Porsche St. Paul.


For this celebration, we partnered with event designers Bungalow 6 Design & Events. We were excited to generating a photo area that would impress all the event attendees. Guests were able to pose next to large 14×6 panoramic wall decals that showcased the class and quality of the Porsche brand. In addition to those stellar backdrops, attendees were given the option of having their picture taken in any area of the dealership. This added an even greater opportunity for unique images for the guests.

Photo Activation in Minnesota

One of the best features of our photo booth services is the instant printing that allows guests to receive their images on the spot. The guests excited to be able to take their instant pictures home with them. On top of that, the client also wins in that the photos act as a great marketing tool! In this particular event, each individual photo utilized either a Porsche vehicle or logo as the backdrop, and the print itself prominently featured the Porsche logo.


Our non-traditional photo booth setup from this grand opening is just one of many custom photo booth experiences we have designed to match the needs of our clients. If you are looking for a unique photo booth experience to help you celebrate your next event, please inquire today! We would love to be a part of making your event a successful and memorable one!


New Year’s Eve Photo Booth Rental at the Machine Shop Wedding

From the moment she says “Yes!” at that long-awaited proposal, a couple in love begins the exciting – though somewhat overwhelming – the journey of planning what is sure to be the best day of their lives: their wedding. With so many details to orchestrate (entrees to DJs and color schemes to cumberbuns), the planning can seem endless. One of the hardest decisions a couple has to make is determining how to entertain their guests in a way that makes their wedding memorable for years to come. Our open style photo booth is a great option to consider, as it gives the couple and their guests a fun and stylish way of commemorating the day.

Photo Booth Rental at the Machine Shop Wedding

We recently had the opportunity to join in on the celebration of a New Year’s Eve wedding, held at the gorgeous Machine Shop in Minneapolis. This historic venue recently reopened as an extravagant event center and adds a much-needed option for couples looking to tie the knot in unique surroundings with both a heritage and modernized luxury. While some wedding venues have limits on the wedding size due to space, the Machine Shop’s multiple levels and open space makes it the perfect choice for both the most intimate of weddings, as well as those with as many as 400 guests in attendance. Seeing this former machinery shop transformed into a stunning wedding extravaganza was breathtaking, and we can’t wait for our next opportunity to join an event there.


Our photo booth was the perfect addition to the posh venue atmosphere, as we could couple the ambiance of New Year’s Eve with the romance of the evening in our keepsake photographs. Our themed props included hilariously oversized glasses, knick-knacks celebrating the leap into 2018, and signs for every personality (i.e. “Netflix…and Chill” and “The Best Day Ever” and “I’ve Got The Moves Like Jagger”). These items helped the guests relax and laugh their way around the clicks of the camera, giving them some treasured photographic memories. And if for some reason the guest couldn’t seem to find that perfect prop, no problem… they could always just express their own ideas on our writable backdrop.


Our photo booth added character and excitement for our New Year’s newlyweds and their guests, and we can do the same for you! Inquire today and let us work with you to create the perfect personalized photo booth experience for your wedding or event!


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Photography with Live Printing at Aria Minneapolis

We take great pride in our local Minneapolis community for a number of reasons, but one at the top of our list is that we are home to the elegant, chic and nationally awarded Aria. Located in the historic Minneapolis North Loop, Aria showcases the perfect blend of old-world architecture and modern style with its impressive 30-foot ceilings, stunning crystal chandeliers, and the timeless beauty of exposed brick. We always get a thrill of excitement when we get the chance to bring our photography services there. We have seen this venue transform into extravagant weddings, sophisticated corporate gatherings, and more recently, into a rock n’ roll music hall that had everyone channeling their inner rock star. This Aria Minneapolis photo booth rental was no exception.

Aria Minneapolis Photo Booth

From the delectable hors-d’oeuvres to the rock band playing on stage to the rain of confetti closing out the night, BeEvents had all of the details of the evening impeccably planned. In this particular instance, the tighter framing used with our photo booths would not have done justice to their sprawling stage and head-to-toe costumes and props, so rather than choose our standard photo booth rental, they opted for our photography package with live printing. Throughout the night, guests grouped together on the stage to form their own rock band recreations, complete with 80’s big hair, leather jackets, electric guitars and other essentials signature to the rocker swagger. Once we captured each group striking their best album cover pose, our immediate live printing and social media sharing options ensured that their friends both near and far would get the chance to view their group’s cover-worthy photo.


If your vision goes beyond the boundaries of our traditional photo booth, inquire today and let us help you think outside of the box. Our photography with live printing package may be just what is needed to make your planning complete!


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Car-aoke Photo-Video Activation for the Twin Cities Auto Show

If you’re a fan of the infamous carpool karaoke segments on The Late Late Show with James Corden, you would have loved participating in our recent “Car-aoke” photo activation Minnesota at the Twin Cities Auto Show!

Car-aoke Photo And Video Activation for the Twin Cities Auto Show

When creative service provider BoldOrange approached us with the idea of developing a carpool karaoke event at the auto show for their client Plug Into Minnesota, we couldn’t wait to get our creative gears turning. We partnered with event planner metroConnections to produce the staging for this completely custom photo booth rental, and the client was beyond pleased with the final product.

To draw attention from the crowd, we positioned four, double-sided, 8-foot signs strategically around the display. They worked like a charm, and before we knew it, we had a line of guests waiting for their turn to rock out in the sleek electric hybrid Chevy Bolt. In an effort to make the song selection an easier process, we provided large signage on an easel with a list of all available song choices. While standing in line, participants were able to scan this list and choose the song that would best showcase their inner Miley Cyrus, Bruno Mars, Journey, Prince, or Rascal Flatts.

Once they informed the attendant of their song selection, guests grabbed their favorite prop choice and headed into the Volt to begin their jam session. Meanwhile, we made sure to capture both a photo and a 20-second video of the group in their rock star glory. Upon completion of their performance, they were able to pick up the printed photo before heading to the sharing kiosk, a convenient feature that allowed them to email themselves the video and photo for sharing purposes.

To keep audience members engaged in the experience, we incorporated an external TV monitor that unveiled the fun going on in the vehicle. This served two great purposes: entertaining the audience and encouraging their participation. It’s hard to pass up the opportunity to take home such a memorable keepsake from an event.

The carpool karaoke experience was such a hit that it even garnered attention from local media station Kare 11 and the “Morning Buzz Show” on Fox 9.

Here at Time Into Pixels, our services can go far beyond the standard photo booth rental; the car-aoke event was just one example of how we can customize our services to fit the various needs of our clients. If you’d like to discuss how a custom photo activation Minnesota can help make your next event a success, please inquire today! We’d love the chance to help bring your vision to life!