An Open Style Photo Booth For A Majestic Nature Themed Wedding

This past August, we at Time Into Pixels were delighted to be a part of H&R’s wedding day with our open style photo booth. The event was held in the backyard of their gorgeous private estate within a white tent. The dazzling array of floral arrangements and overhanging greenery from Sadies Couture Floral really enhanced the overall beauty of the event. The fauna-related theme designed by Sally Berry and Co made the whole place seem that much more alive and conformed brilliantly with the well-manicured natural setting.


Our Open Style Photo Booth

For their special day, R and H opted to use our open style photo booth. The selected white backdrop matched perfectly with the canopy overhanging the event itself, and the 4×6 prints fit seamlessly into the theme with three exquisitely cute pictures. The bride and groom posed beautifully together for these pictures, creating the perfect image to represent their union and preserve its memory for years to come. It was our delight to provide them with this experience and do our part to contribute to the event as they intended it to be.


A Seamless Wedding Theme

Everything from this event blended together magnificently to create an experience the bride and groom couldn’t forget. The silver and gold table settings interspaced between the stunning fauna arrangements made it seem like more like an ornate royal garden. Our photo booth fit in perfectly, offering a regal white template handpicked to match the natural majesty of the occasion. We’re proud to have provided H and R with a setting that flowed seamlessly into the theme they chose. Our delight is in allowing clients to select the perfect style for whatever their needs may be.


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Glasses and flowers on the table


acrylic sitting chart with floral graphic


table decor with flowers wine and candles


three photos of a couple holding a sign and smiling


three photos of a couple holding pink sign and kissing

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Open Style Photo Booth and Live Photography at Mayo Clinic’s Event in Rochester

Screening of The Mayo Clinic: Faith – Hope – Science

Time Into Pixels Photography and Photo Booth was proud to provide our open style photo booth and live photography service to The Mayo Clinic for the screening of the PBS documentary The Mayo Clinic: Faith – Hope – Science. The documentary follows the life of The Mayo Clinic’s founder Dr. W. W. Mayo. We returned to the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, MN, where we had the pleasure of photographing three years ago at their grand opening. This time we provided customized photo booths featuring the documentary’s director and title to commemorate the film’s release on the 25th of September 2018, 9-11 pm on your local PBS station. The two-hour film features the voices of celebrated actors Tom Hanks, Sam Waterston, Blythe Danner, and Josh Lucas.

Open Style Photo Booth and Live Photography in Rochester

Our customized step-and-repeat photo booth stations at the VIP reception sported a custom navy backdrop of the film’s director and title in gold. The two stations blended perfectly with the elegance of the screenings decor and the wall of windows at the Mayo Civic center.

We also provided three identical photo booth stations in the main reception area that was open to the public. Each station had a backdrop of a beautiful red curtain and a navy frame with the director, title, and release date written in gold. At the request of The Mayo Clinic, we provided three printing stations with free 4×6 prints in customized folders, free of charge to the public.

The family-friendly event boasted 5000 attendees, many of whom enjoyed our step-and-repeat live photography and photo booths in Rochester. Following the event, the public enjoyed the screening of the documentary, followed by a drone show. We at Time Into Pixels Photography and Photo Booth are proud to have helped to make the screening of the historic film a memorable and elegant event for the film’s creators, The Mayo Clinic and the public.


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Event banner at the entrance of the Rochester Civic Center


Live photography printers with backdrops at the Rochester Civic Center






Open Style Photo Booth


Open Style Photo Booth


Custom folders with photos


Mayo Clinic Custom Folders



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Wedding Photo Booth Rental at The Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel

Wedding Photo Booth Rental At The Stunning Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel, The Depot

Recently we got to a wedding photo booth rental at the stunning Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel, the Depot! The reception was held in the hotel’s spacious meeting rooms. The guests had so much fun letting loose in front of the camera, and the bride and groom went home with a book of all the photos signed by the guests. Our open style photo booth is basically the grown-up version of those automatic photo booths that you used to go in with your friends at the mall in middle school. It is a fantastic modern addition to any wedding celebration. The results are candid and super fun! It also gives the guests a fun thing to do when they need a break from dancing.

For this wedding at the Depot, the bride and groom got to pick the background and props for their photos. They chose our black petal backdrop that perfectly complimented their black tie dress code. They also used fun props like a Viking hat, a bow tie, and speech bubbles that added a touch of whimsy to the night! The guests had a wonderful time being silly and making memories in front of the camera.

The couple got to use the monogram that was designed for their wedding stationery on the prints too! This made the overall design of the wedding cohesive and stylish. It was an evening wedding, with white and gold table settings and gorgeous white and green floral arrangements. The design of the photo booth blended in beautifully! The beauty of our photo booths is that every client gets to pick the style that fits their needs. We love to help create a photo booth expirience that matches the themes, colors, and vibe of our client’s events.


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Wedding Photo Booth Rental MN at the Graduate Minneapolis

Weddings are special occasions that should be remembered and treasured forever. Here at Time Into Pixels, we love providing wedding photo booth rentals in MN that reflect the bride and groom’s style and captures perfect moments from the happiest day of their lives.

For a recent wedding, we provided a photo booth rental at the Graduate Minneapolis. The venue was elegant and spacious, perfect for this beautiful wedding. The bride had a particular vision for her wedding and wanted to ensure that the photo booth would fit in nicely. Since our photo booths are easily customizable, the bride was able to have the backdrop exactly how she wanted it. Created by Festivities, the backdrop was made out of white, flowing curtains. Hung on the curtains were crescent-shaped and circular arrangements of beautiful greenery, which matched the wedding’s theme perfectly.

Wedding Photo Booth Rental MN

The bride, groom, and guests were able to grab fun props, such as hats, oversized sunglasses, cards with funny sayings, and much more! This gave them the opportunity to take fun photos that showcased their colorful personalities! And, since we provide open-style photo booths, they were able to pack plenty of friends and family into each photo.

To get the most out of their wedding photo booth rental MN, the bride and groom opted to upgrade from the 2×6 photo strips (similar to what you would get out of a traditional photo booth) to 4×6 photos. One of the benefits of the 4×6 photos is that there are more template options. The bride and groom took advantage of this by choosing their favorite template, which gave them and their guests a fun way to remember the special night.

At Time Into Pixels, we love being able to customize our photo booths to fit the bride and groom’s personality and vision. Do you want a photo booth rental in MN for your next event? Contact us today to see how we can create the perfect photo booth for you!

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Photo Booth Rental Highlights Fun at the Bacon and Beer Festival in Minneapolis

The Bacon and Beer Festival

Photo booth rental is a great way to liven up any corporate event, not just private celebrations. Each year, we partner up with the Bacon and Beer Classic Festival in Minneapolis to offer festival-goers an additional treat to remember a wonderful experience. Guests aren’t the only ones to enjoy it, though. The Bacon and Beer Festival gained a few simple marketing benefits with its fun attraction.

Photo Booth Rental Fun

People love pictures and festival guests were eager to add a bit of flair to their memorable shots with entertaining props such as giant beer mugs and bacon strips. The opportunity to let loose and have fun brought out everyone’s best mood for the occasion, which meant they were happy to encourage others to do the same.

Photo booth pictures were soon shared throughout the event and afterward. A neat strip of photos from our open style photo booth became a conversation point between families and friends. Group pictures were shared and tagged on social media. Word-of-mouth advertising became even more powerful once others could see the fun for themselves.

The Bacon and Beer Festival chose to add logos to their prop selections as well, which meant that anytime photos were shared, people made a positive association between their brand and a smile. For a public event, the image of people having fun is the best kind of brand awareness.

Leave an Impression

Even after an event is over, pictures remain to remind people of an exciting time. Anyone who attended the Bacon and Beer Festival might stick that small strip of photos on a mirror or a wall and look at it from time to time. Then, when the Festival returns, those photos serve as a souvenir that keeps people coming back year after year.

A picture is truly worth a thousand words and the event surrounding it is definitely part of the conversation. If you think a photo booth rental is a perfect attraction to brighten up your public event, please contact us today for more information.

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Photo Booth in Minneapolis’ Machine Shop Wedding Venue

Your wedding day is so special and memorable. In Minneapolis, we are fortunate to have a unique, upscale wedding venue able to fit your many needs for the big day, including our photo booth. We love the Machine Shop; a former machine mill for Pillsbury, the venue has been renovated with modern luxury while keeping the old architectural style and historic charm intact. The juxtaposition of the old and new incorporated with the large, open spaces make this event space charming for any occasion but especially weddings.

We have been part of many events at Machine Shop, including this past New Year’s Eve celebration and weddings. Our open style photo booth fits into the space nicely and allows your wedding guests to create more personal, meaningful memories. An open style photo booth is like having a photo studio at your wedding. It’s spacious, allowing for large groups, it’s a modern addition to your wedding, and is interactive. It’s fun entertainment for all who are there to celebrate your day!

We have worked with wedding planners Blush & Whim. The 4X6 photo template your guests receive will have a complimentary design to your invitation graphics. We add themed props to help the guests pose and have fun for their wedding reception shots. Oversized glasses, bow-ties on sticks, and signs saying, “Team Bride” or “Wedding Crashers” can be part of the picture for a couple or a crowd. We work with you to create the theme you want and that your guests will enjoy. Our open style photo booth will be tailored to you and your theme so that it fits right in the event.

Being a regular photo booth at the Machine Shop gives us the experience to know the layout of the site and how to best utilize the space.

Whimsy, fun and unique wedding keepsakes are what we love our photo booths to bring to your wedding. We are excited to talk to you about the plans you have for your special day!


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