Why you need a Corporate Photo Booth Rental at your Next Company Event

Everyone knows that certain occasions like a wedding or a party call for a photographer and a photo booth. What most people don’t realize is that the photo booth is an important accessory in the corporate world. They are a perfect tool to use at corporate events, corporate celebrations, corporate meetings, and even a company’s anniversary party. Not only does a photo booth and a professional photographer bring some lightheartedness to the event and create a happy and warm atmosphere, but they are able to capture these important moments and even provide the company with a great new marketing tool. However, there are so many more benefits that a photo booth can bring to your business. Here are a few more reasons why your company needs a corporate photo booth rental and a professional photographer at your next event:

A Corporate Photo Booth Rental Makes It Personal

Corporate photo booths and professional photography can change the mood of any event. Most work functions bring with it a sort of stigma that that event is just an extension of the workplace. However, throw in some props, add an open style photo booth, and you instantly have transformed the event into an unforgettable experience. Recently, our team worked with the event planner Bungalow 6 to host a 10th Anniversary Company Party for our clients at A’Bulae. The venue and the decor were gorgeous. Our red carpet photography at the start of the event shot beautiful formal photos of the guests during cocktail hour. The dinner was exquisite and the guests were dressed to impress. That is why it was key that our corporate photo booth rental also made a good impression. We made sure that our open style photo booths template and backdrop complemented the event decor for a cohesive look throughout the event. As soon as dinner was over, guests let loose with our informal style photos.  This instantly shifted the mood into a lighthearted fun evening. And the experiences and photos that ensued brought the guests joy, laughter, and a perfect ending to an amazing night.

Brand Exposure

Another amazing reason to have a photo booth at your next corporate event is to increase exposure to your brand. Not only are people drawn to photo booths, but when the photos are printed the guests instantly have a keepsake with your company logo on them which is a perfect business tool that can help companies advertise their successful events effectively to obtain additional clients.

Great Marketing Tool

In the world of social media, nothing is kept private anymore. The only thing a company can do is optimize this opportunity. Having a photographer or a photo booth at your corporate event will only mean that these photos will be shared repeatedly over the internet, whether through social media, email or text. Having your company logo on these photos is a great way to expose your business to many people in an instant. This is not only a great way to boost your company profile, but gain valuable insight into potential new clients.

At the end of the day, companies need to find insightful ways to not only boost business but boost their employee’s morale. Photo booths are a great way to accomplish this goal! If you’re looking for more information about corporate photo booth rentals in Minnesota, contact us today!


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Three photos of s smiling couple

Three photos of a couple

three photos of a couple

Three photos of a couple

a smiling couple

A couple smiling for a photo

Balloons on the wall

Tables in the room

Candleholders of different colors

A table with a linen

Tables in the room

A photo on the table

Bar and balloons

A table with linen over it

A room with tables

A glass table with candleholders

A gold candleholder


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Introducing Custom Photo Booth Books!

You know by now that at Time Into Pixels we love to help our clients create beautiful and fun memories of their events and parties. But starting now we’re adding another layer to our expertise. We are now offering custom-made photo booth books that you can order from us!


Special Events


For some events, like weddings or birthdays, it is important for guests to sign and write their wishes on the spot. For other events such as corporate parties or other occasions, it can be lovely to have all the photos in one book, but signing by the guests doesn’t necessarily make sense. This is exactly what our books are for! Each book will contain every single photo booth picture taken during your event. It’s a high-quality keepsake or coffee table book to help you remember the event and everyone that attended.

Custom Photo Booth Books


Each book can be customized to your specifications that fit your special event or party. They will be Hard Cover Press Books (high-quality photo books that have amazing image reproduction) made with magazine style press papers and they will be perfectly bound at the spine. You’ll be able to choose from a number of beautiful and colorful cover options, including the foil stamping on the front. We will also offer the choice between Eurohyde or Art Cloth covers (with different colors!), as well as options for the paper including matte, semi-gloss, or linen. The default size is 10×8, but we can offer smaller or bigger books for smaller or bigger parties.


We know that you’ll love the beautiful and high-quality souvenir of your event, and we can’t wait to share even more memories of your parties with our custom photo booth books! For more information or to answer questions about our booths or our books, please contact us today.


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A navy album cover with gold foil printing


A navy album cover with gold foil printing


A navy album cover with gold foil printing and eucalyptus


A navy photo album and eucalyptus


A navy photo album and eucalyptus


A navy photo album with gold foil printing


An album pages


A navy photo album cover


An book spread


A white box with brown ribbon


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Vibrant Larger than Life Creative Photo Activation for Novozymes

Here at Time Into Pixel Photography and Photo Booth, we are always looking to build our portfolio. We don’t let quirky ideas or photos that are rather difficult to render get in the way of us trying to form lasting relationships with new clients, so when we got the opportunity to do a unique creative photo activation we were more than happy to take up the challenge.


The idea for this unique photographic experience manifested with the help of the brilliant minds at Metro Connections, who aim to create the most satisfactory experiences at all of their events and conferences. This time, they were working with the leading global biotechnology company known as Novozymes. Novozymes, who are extremely passionate about using enzymes to enhance everyday products people use on a regular basis like laundry detergent, was interested in pursuing a “laundry room” theme for their creative photoactivation at the Muse Event Center, a prestigious location for events taking place in Minneapolis.


To create the rendered results, the planners at Metro Connections constructed large-scale beige furniture and juxtaposed it against vivid clothes and props. Novozymes requested that the people being photographed appear to be at different distances from the camera, so we utilized tables of varying sizes and took photos at multiple angles in order to create optical illusions and establish realism in the photos.


Although a new challenge for us, we were excited to be able to expand our catalog of work and the end results coincided with Novozymes’s vision. They left satisfied with their pictures which were striking and engaging, capturing fun individuals who were laughing and smiling.  The photos also were very bright and playful thanks to the brilliant colors of the clothes and props utilized throughout the photoactivation. These colors helped to create unique focal-points for viewers so they will be drawn into the pictures automatically.


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Beautycounter 2018 Leadership Summit Photo Booth Rentals

Though we provide photo booth rentals for occasions of any size, it is always exciting when we to get to join in the frenzy and fun of an event hosting over 3500 people! Recently, we had the privilege of bringing our services to the thousands of people who participated in the Beautycounter 2018 Leadership Summit, held at The Armory in our beloved home city of Minneapolis.


Each backdrop for the event was a custom-made creation from event production and design house Maven and added just the right flair for this special occasion. Two of the backdrops utilized solid white backgrounds with balloon letter messages, while the other two were fresh floral walls. Each of the backdrops highlighted some of the Beautycounter themes, such as “Be Counter”, “Beauty Should Be Good For You”, “No Secrets Added”, and lastly, the company title “Beautycounter.”


With so many consultants participating in the event (and due to having photo booth areas in multiple areas of the venue), our cameras were constantly clicking, capturing the enthusiasm of the guests for the entire five hours that we were there!


For the hosting company, these photo booths were a great way to spread excitement at the event, as well as act as a marketing tool to spread awareness of their brand. First, each person who participated in one of the four photo booths received an instant print of their images to keep as a souvenir from the Leadership Summit. These images showcased a collage of pictures from their session, as well as the Beautycounter title and event name. Also, thanks to our social media station, each guest could instantly share these collage prints with their friends and acquaintances on a variety of social media platforms.


This Summit was a prime example of how our photo booth rentals can assist any event in capturing the joy of its guests and providing a great source of entertainment, all while promoting a brand both during and after the event’s conclusion. For more information on how we can bring a custom-designed photo booth to your next gathering, contact us today!





















Photography with Live Printing at Aria Minneapolis

We take great pride in our local Minneapolis community for a number of reasons, but one at the top of our list is that we are home to the elegant, chic and nationally awarded Aria. Located in the historic Minneapolis North Loop, Aria showcases the perfect blend of old world architecture and modern style with its impressive 30-foot ceilings, stunning crystal chandeliers, and the timeless beauty of exposed brick. We always get a thrill of excitement when we get the chance to bring our photography services there. We have seen this venue transform into extravagant weddings, sophisticated corporate gatherings, and more recently, into a rock n’ roll music hall that had everyone channeling their inner rock star.


From the delectable hors-d’oeuvres to the rock band playing on stage to the rain of confetti closing out the night, BeEvents had all of the details of the evening impeccably planned. In this particular instance, the tighter framing used with our photo booths would not have done justice to their sprawling stage and head-to-toe costumes and props, so rather than choose our standard photo booth rental, they opted for our photography package with live printing. Throughout the night, guests grouped together on the stage to form their own rock band recreations, complete with 80’s big hair, leather jackets, electric guitars and other essentials signature to the rocker swagger. Once we captured each group striking their best album cover pose, our immediate live printing and social media sharing options ensured that their friends both near and far would get the chance to view their group’s cover-worthy photo.


If your vision goes beyond the boundaries of our traditional photo booth, inquire today and let us help you think outside of the box. Our photography with live printing package may be just what is needed to make your planning complete!


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