Video Testimonial Photo Booth Captures Memories

Video Testimonial Photo Booth At Your Next Event

Are you looking for a unique way to capture memories at your next event? Look no further than the Video Testimonial Photo Booth! Embrace the evolution of photo booths: now, guests can leave personalized video testimonials that capture the essence of the moment, adding depth and authenticity to every event.

From weddings to corporate events, and private parties to birthdays, the Video Testimonial Photo Booth adds a special touch to any occasion. Whether guests want to share heartfelt messages for the newlyweds, talk about their favorite moments of the party, or even provide testimonials for a company event, the possibilities are endless.

What sets the Video Testimonial Photo Booth apart is its versatility. Each guest has the opportunity to record their own individual clip, allowing for authentic and genuine expressions. Whether it’s a heartfelt congratulations, a funny anecdote, or a sincere thank you, these testimonials add depth and emotion to any event.

Photo Booth Experience

But that’s not all – our Photo Booth experience goes beyond just video testimonials. Guests can also create fun and interactive content with features like GIFs, Boomerangs, and still photos since this feature is a part of our Boomerang booth. This allows for a variety of creative expressions, ensuring that each guest can leave their mark on the event in their own unique way.

Additionally, our selection of backdrops allows you to customize the experience to match your event’s theme or style. Whether you’re going for a sleek and modern look or a whimsical and romantic vibe, we have a backdrop to suit every occasion.

One of the key benefits of the Video Testimonial Photo Booth is its ability to create lasting memories that can be cherished for years to come. After the event, our clients receive all of the individual clips, making it easy to relive the special moments again and again.

In conclusion, the Video Testimonial Photo Booth is a must-have addition to any event, whether it’s a corporate gathering, private party, birthday celebration, or wedding. With its ability to capture authentic testimonials, create fun and interactive content, and customize the experience to match any theme, it’s sure to be a hit with guests of all ages. So why settle for ordinary when you can elevate your event with the Video Testimonial Photo Booth?

Venue: Target Field Events

Add Some Fun to Your Next Minneapolis Event with Urban Daisy Events

Capture Animated Moments and Create Unforgettable Memories

Are you planning an event in Minneapolis and looking to add a unique touch that your guests will love? Look no further than Urban Daisy Events! Our recent Boomerang booth rental was a hit at a recent party, and we’re excited to share all the details.

The event took place at Urban Daisy Events, a stunning venue located in the heart of Minneapolis. The space provided the perfect backdrop for our Boomerang booth, and our team worked closely with the event organizers to ensure a seamless experience for all guests.

Boomerang Booth at Urban Daisy Events 

The Boomerang booth allowed party-goers to capture fun and animated moments, all while enjoying the beautiful ambiance of the venue. Guests were able to customize their Boomerang videos with various props, ensuring a unique and personalized experience for everyone. And with instant sharing capabilities, guests were able to post their Boomerangs on social media in real time, allowing them to relive the memories long after the party ended.

In addition to its fun and interactive features, the Boomerang booth rental also provides a range of benefits for your event. For one, it’s a great way to break the ice and get people mingling, as guests of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy taking photos together. Plus, the custom graphics on the photo prints can serve as a unique and memorable keepsake for guests to take home with them. And with the online gallery after the event, you can share the fun and excitement with those who couldn’t attend. So not only is the Boomerang booth a great source of entertainment, but it also adds an extra layer of fun and value to any event.

Our team at Time Into Pixels takes pride in providing top-notch event experiences, and the Boomerang booth rental is just one of the many services we offer. Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, or private party, our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure your event is a success.

So, what are you waiting for? Add some fun to your next Minneapolis event with Urban Daisy Events Boomerang booth rental. Contact us today to learn more and start planning your next event with us!

Vintage Photo Booth Rental Minneapolis

We recently had the privilege of helping some of our clients celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary! They had an amazing celebration at the Hewing Hotel and we did a vintage photo booth rental in Minneapolis for them. All of their family and friends came out to celebrate this amazing couple and enjoyed getting to take home a photo strip memory of the party.

Vintage Photo Booth Rental Minneapolis

Photo booths add a fun touch to any event, and a vintage photo booth can add an extra special touch to the day. If you are going for a classic look at your big occasion, a vintage photo booth will be the perfect compliment. 

Vintage photo booths work especially well in certain venues, such as the Hewing Hotel, because of their charm factor. They blend in perfectly with the exposed brick and traditional details of the space. The classic look of a vintage photo booth sets them apart.

Customized For Your Event

You don’t have to worry about vintage photo booths lacking in the customization department either! Your photo strips can be personalized to your tastes just like modern photo booths. You can also accommodate larger groups in the photos just by opening up the curtains!

Our vintage photo booths will print your guests a seven-inch strip instead of the standard six-inch strip. This gives them slightly larger pictures, so they can cherish the memories from your event!

If you are looking for a vintage photo booth rental for your event in the Minneapolis area, visit our website to check out all of our offerings. We enjoy helping our clients make their event fun with our incredible selection of photo booths. Our team will work with you to get you the right photo booth for your event. Contact us today to find out how we can make your event extra special!

Vintage Photo Booth Rental Minneapolis

Vintage Photo Booth Rental Minneapolis

Floral on the table

Exterior of the Hewing hotel

Interlachen Country Club Photo Booth Rental

The Venue

We absolutely love this Interlachen Country Club photo booth rental - the venue itself is versatile and can easily accommodate a private party, a wedding, and a corporate event. Having pre-function spaces and the main ballroom helps to create a great flow of people during an event and allows to bring some additional entertainment to events including photo booths. The spaces are also so classic and can be decorated with candles, lights, and floral to create an unforgettable and unique event for every taste. No matter if your event is simple and elegant or full of on-trend details, Interlachen Country Club got all you need to make it happen.

Interlachen Country Club Photo Booth Rental

This winter Interlachen Country Club photo booth rental was one for the books! We absolutely love holiday events for their coziness and festiveness and this party was just that. The hosts of the event opted for our open style photo booth with GIFs and added some holiday props as well as the glam gold backdrop to make the experience fun and engaging. They also chose larger 4x6 prints to tie everything together. We also include a photo booth expert in each of our rental packages who helps guests and make sure they have a smooth, engaging experience. The day of the party was cold and snowy, but the group gathered at the Interlachen Country Club had the best time and enjoyed taking photos in our open style photo booth.

Customization for Your Event

Here at Time Into Pixels, we take pride in customizing your photo booth to match your event. Everything from templates and graphics to props and a backdrop is a part of the experience and we make sure it fits right in with your event. If you'd like to talk more about adding some photo fun to your party or wedding, reach out to us today!

Magazine Cover Photo Booth In Minneapolis

Magazine Cover Photo Booth

Magazine cover photo booths and photo ops are becoming increasingly popular. They are a unique blend of a clean and modern setup, red carpet luxury feel, and a fun photo booth experience. Photo booths themselves have been around for a while, so we came up with something different – being able to customize photo booths for every client is important. This is why we start with learning about each of our client’s objectives before offering options for their particular event.

So How Does this Magazine Cover Photo Booth Works?

For this elegant birthday party in Wayzata, our client wanted something classy and upscale and this Glam photo booth hit the spot. This type of booth uses skin-smoothing technology. Removing minor blemishes and imperfections makes people look their best in photos. It’s no wonder that this booth is often called The Kardashian photo booth – there is hardly a Hollywood party that happens without it. For our client, we added a custom overlay that was designed specifically for her and it was a perfect touch. And the cherry on top? The images were texted to guests’ phones immediately which means they can instantly share them on social media without waiting for the gallery to be uploaded online.

Extra Luxury Touch

Our magazine cover photo booth comes with 4×6 prints, however, for an extra luxury experience, there is an option to upgrade to 5×7 metallic paper which makes prints extra beautiful. We guarantee it will wow your guests and will elevate your event even more.

See our favorite images from this birthday party below.

Drop-off Photo Booths Available in Minneapolis

Small celebrations don’t have to be “small” – celebrate big with our drop-off photo booths available in Minneapolis!

How do drop-off photo booths work?

We can offer a choice between a Boomerang/GIF kiosk and our traditional photo booth – both are intuitive, customizable, and incredibly easy to use. We do all the work – drop off, set up and pick up… you simply have the fun!

Digital only: Boomerang and GIF booth

Our Boomerang photo booth creates fun GIFs and Boomerangs as well as still images! Digital props can be added for extra fun and your digital keepsakes can be texted to your guests immediately after they are recorded.

A bride and groom using a drop-off photo booth

Traditional (Vintage) Photo Booth

If you’re looking for instant prints for your guests, this traditional photo booth is perfect for your event. Elegant and charming but using modern technology, this booth will print your images in seconds.

Rental packages for both drop-off photo booths available in Minneapolis include custom photo templates, unlimited photos, and digital files that are yours to keep. Traditional (vintage) photo booth also includes prints.

Our half and full-day packages allow you to have the same upscale photo booth experience but without worrying about your timeline or your budget.

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