Here at Time Into Pixel Photography and Photo Booth, we are always looking to build our portfolio. We don’t let quirky ideas or photos that are rather difficult to render get in the way of us trying to form lasting relationships with new clients, so when we got the opportunity to do a unique creative photo activation we were more than happy to take up the challenge such as this vibrant larger than life creative photo activation in Minneapolis.

Vibrant Larger than Life Creative Photo Activation In Minneapolis

The idea for this unique photographic experience manifested with the help of the brilliant minds at Metro Connections, who aim to create the most satisfactory experiences at all of their events and conferences. This time, they were working with the leading global biotechnology company known as Novozymes. Novozymes, who are extremely passionate about using enzymes to enhance everyday products people use on a regular basis like laundry detergent, was interested in pursuing a “laundry room” theme for their creative photoactivation at the Muse Event Center, a prestigious location for events taking place in Minneapolis.


To create the rendered results, the planners at Metro Connections constructed large-scale beige furniture and juxtaposed it against vivid clothes and props. Novozymes requested that the people being photographed appear to be at different distances from the camera, so we utilized tables of varying sizes and took photos at multiple angles in order to create optical illusions and establish realism in the photos.


Although a new challenge for us, we were excited to be able to expand our catalog of work and the end results coincided with Novozymes’s vision. They left satisfied with their pictures which were striking and engaging, capturing fun individuals who were laughing and smiling.  The photos also were very bright and playful thanks to the brilliant colors of the clothes and props utilized throughout the photoactivation. These colors helped to create unique focal-points for viewers so they will be drawn into the pictures automatically.


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