Rent a GIF Photo Booth in Minneapolis

Are you looking for a fun, novel photo booth experience for your next corporate event? Do you need something that can be customized to your brand and easily shared on social media? A GIF photo booth is a great way to share news of your product launch or corporate event in a way that still feels like organic, consumable content.

Aveda’s Recent Event

Aveda is a large cosmetics company, headquartered in Blaine, Minnesota. They had a GIF photo booth at a recent event. They were launching a new product that featured fruits. Our team at Time Into Pixels Photo Booth was able to bring in those fruits, and strengthen brand ties. We went above and beyond, adding some complimenting flowers to boost the desired aesthetic. Aveda’s vision of a clean, white backdrop with props that would create memorable GIFs created a memorable, marketable look.

How Does a GIF Photo Booth Work?

GIF photography is a trend on the rise, and GIF photo booths are extremely popular in Minneapolis. Time Into Pixels Photo Booth specializes in corporate events and are ultra-customizable to the look you want. Our booths come with some standard materials, like one-of-a-kind prop signs, professional-grade equipment, a variety of backdrops to choose from. There are also add-ons to choose from. With a GIF booth and Glam Booth Filter, a great option is the social media sharing station. Guests at your event can share photos via text messages or email right after they’re taken. If your company is looking to share these images after the event, there’s an online gallery of images available.

Renting a GIF Photo Booth for Your Corporate Event

Are you looking for a unique addition to your corporate event in Minneapolis is as easy as renting a GIF photo booth. You can create trendy memories that your guests can share, and brand-friendly content to promoting your new product. Contact us with any questions, or to find out more about our services.

Photo Activation in Minneapolis: Promoting Clorox at Winter Classic

Photo Activations and Experiential Marketing in Minneapolis

Photo activations and experiential marketing are some of the best ways to promote a brand. It’s a highly effective form of interactive entertainment that is memorable and allows for additional reach – after all, videos and photos people take at events are often posted online so events attendees’ friends and followers will see them too. This photo activation in Minneapolis for Clorox was no exception. 

Photo Activation in Minneapolis for Clorox

When the client approached us about a brand activation at Winter Classic in Minneapolis we were presented with a few objectives. We were to create sharable branded content through a photo or video experience for the attendees. It had to attract people to the booth, give them something unique to do and as a result, we were to share with them the content they create. After presenting some ideas, we settled on branded Boomerangs. While the whole booth was branded for Clorox, we also branded our Boomerang booth itself as well the output and the screen and made everything look cohesive. Given that the event was taking place during winter, multiple heaters were installed in the booth to make staff as well as event attendees comfortable while they were waiting for their turn.


With the branded Boomerang kiosk, branded booth, and branded output we were Winter Classic attracting attendees to the Clorox booth. Once in the booth, attendees would shoot their shot on the “hockey field” that was installed for them while the radar would measure their speed. All the results were recorded and whoever shot the fastest would get a prize. Needless to say, the booth was busy all day even though we had challenging cold weather for this Minnesota winter event. Overall, this was a unique photo activation that allowed us to not only entertain people but create photo content that’s branded and sharable so even after the event attendees would share it on their social media and promote our client in the most organic and authentic way.

Photo Activations and Marketing in Minneapolis

Photo Activations and Marketing in Minneapolis

Photo activations and marketing in Minneapolis could help make a lasting impression on your current and potential customers. There are many tools you can utilize to turn a regular photo-op into a powerful marketing tool. Creative photo installations and green screen photo ops are just some of them. They are a very effective tool that can help you to promote your brand and connect it with your audience.

Green Screen Photo Activation At The State Fair

After more than a year of canceled events and social distancing, the great Minnesota get-together was a perfect opportunity for our client to promote their brand in a meaningful and entertaining way. We created a green screen photo op for State Fair attendees that included being inserted in a scene from a favorite Peacock show. These shows included Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Saved by the bell, Girls 5 Eva as well as a scene from Heart to Harr and Boss Baby. For this brand photo activation, we also put photos in branded lanyards so they can safely get home. Custom lanyards were also a perfect opportunity for additional branding. After the photos were taken, printed, and inserted into lanyards, attendees were also able to share them digitally via our sharing kiosks. We set up a branded email and added a small survey for our clients to collect data they could use after the activation. After the photo op attendees could step to the other side of the tent and speak with the company representative about their special offers and promotions as well as ask any other questions they might have.

The Effectiveness of the State Fair Photo Activation

Overall, during the State Fair thousands of images were taken, printed, and shared on social media by the attendees. Getting a photo where you look like you are a part of your favorite TV is a pretty fantastic green screen photo op and it left a very positive impression on those who came through the tent. It’s something that the event attendees will show to their friends and keep in their homes or workspaces, and in the end, this awesome memory will be promoting our client’s brand for a long time.

Halo Photo Booth Rental

Halo Photo Booth Rental In Minneapolis at The Hutton House

Mom Boss is more than just a run. It’s an annual event that empowers, encourages, and supports women in our community. This year it took place at The Hutton House and participants had an option to run beautiful trails or Medicine Lake, or even participate virtually. After the race, everyone had some time to spend at the Hutton House and to enjoy mimosas, coffee, and donuts as well as some photo booth fun. The event was beautifully executed by our friends at Covey Events and our Boomerang photo booth rental added some fun!

Making Your Rental Extra Special

While we have more than 20 upscale backdrops to choose from, we love custom backdrops when we do our rentals. It makes the images, Boomerang and GIFs so much more extra special. For Mom Boss 5K, we had a gorgeous handmade mural illustration by Spoonful of Faith. The piece was an absolute wow factor!

Rental Details

With each of our halo photo booths, you can record Boomerangs, GIFs, or take photos. Custom templates are included in all the rentals and you can add digital props for extra fun. For brands, we are able to customize the booth itself adding a branded wrap to keep your brand front and center. This booth can be rented unattended or include our staff member for a full photo booth experience. Output can be texted or emailed to each participant and the gallery of all of the images is available at the end of the event.

This type of booth is digital-only and doesn’t include prints (after all, you can’t print GIFs and Boomerangs). With that being said, they will make your events the talk of the town!

Drop-off Photo Booths Available in Minneapolis

Small celebrations don’t have to be “small” – celebrate big with our drop-off photo booths available in Minneapolis!

How do drop-off photo booths work?

We can offer a choice between a Boomerang/GIF kiosk and our traditional photo booth – both are intuitive, customizable, and incredibly easy to use. We do all the work – drop off, set up and pick up… you simply have the fun!

Digital only: Boomerang and GIF booth

Our Boomerang photo booth creates fun GIFs and Boomerangs as well as still images! Digital props can be added for extra fun and your digital keepsakes can be texted to your guests immediately after they are recorded.

A bride and groom using a drop-off photo booth

Traditional (Vintage) Photo Booth

If you’re looking for instant prints for your guests, this traditional photo booth is perfect for your event. Elegant and charming but using modern technology, this booth will print your images in seconds.

Rental packages for both drop-off photo booths available in Minneapolis include custom photo templates, unlimited photos, and digital files that are yours to keep. Traditional (vintage) photo booth also includes prints.

Our half and full-day packages allow you to have the same upscale photo booth experience but without worrying about your timeline or your budget.

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Get an iPad Booth to Caputure the Night, Minneapolis!

You want your wedding to be memorable. Capturing the energy of the night can be difficult with traditional photographs. Sometimes, a little motion can go a long way. Maddie and Ross put their best foot forward into their marriage by enlisting the help of an iPad Booth at Aria Minneapolis.

The Boomerang Booth


You know Boomerangs from social media, and now you can have quick and professionally shot mini-movies to share directly to Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. The Boomerang Booth operates just like a traditional photo booth, with the additional capability to shoot short, looping videos that are just as fun to watch as they are to make.


Personalize your memories by adding digital props or perhaps the couple’s names. This optional service can add an extra flair to the photos and videos to unify everyone’s experience.

The iPad Booth


An iPad Booth is a great way for people in the Minneapolis area to give their friends and family a new, fun way to enjoy their evening. Your pictures can move from stuffy, stiff, and redundant, to lively, engaging, and fun. Your guests will enjoy their time in the iPad Booth just as much as they will enjoy looking back on their evening.


The set up is minimal and attractive. If you have enough space for a tripod and a backdrop, you have enough room to create lasting memories. Why sit still when you can dance, smile, laugh, and have the ability to show off just how much fun you are having.


Time Into Pixels has been servicing the Minneapolis, Minnesota area for years. Their services and products have grown to be a cherished asset to many people at special events, just like Maddie and Ross at the Aria. You’re wedding should be as unique as your relationship, and there’s no better way to showcase that than by customizing a new, fun service to help capture the evening.

A bride and groom posing

iPad Booth at Aria Minneapolis