HeartLink Gala Event Photo Booth & Custom Backdrop

Children’s HeartLink Gala Event

Every year we are thrilled to work at the HeartLink Gala event in the Twin Cities. This upscale gala raises money for Children’s HeartLink, based in Minneapolis. HeartLink cares for children with heart disease. This is a very worthy cause, and it’s inspiring to see so many people gather together to support it!

Dazzling Beauty at the Hilton

This year the HeartLink Gala organizers chose the Hilton Minneapolis for its venue and Bungalow Six for its event planner. With such a posh location the only fitting backdrop for the photo booth would be something extra special.

Girl Friday Creative created a backdrop image with spectacular style. The beautiful gold lettering and sparkling red and purple accents looked dazzling above the charcoal gray background. A huge swag of red balloons framed a corner of the backdrop, giving people a natural space to stand and look fabulous as they got their picture taken.

The Right Time and Place for a Photo Op

Working with our photo booth year after year at the HeartLink Gala convinces us that a fancy event is the absolute best time to rent a photo booth. You get a customized backdrop, your guests are all dressed to the nines, and the smiles keep coming as people line up to get their photo taken. At HeartLink Gala, we also set up digital sharing stations that are used to immediately share digital images.

A photo booth adds modern entertainment to any event, plus it helps your guests engage with each other. An open style photo booth delivers interactive fun for large group events, and the custom backdrop adds the perfect touch you’re looking for!

Time Into Pixels

If you are hosting a grand event in the Minneapolis area, seriously consider renting a photo booth with a custom backdrop. You and your guests will love the added glamour and excitement! Contact us today for more information.


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Balloon backdrop for a photo booth

Balloon backdrop

Balloon backdrop

Two women in red dresses are posing next to a balloon backdrop

A woman is posing next to balloons

A couple posing for a photo next to a balloon backdrop

A smiling couple

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Match Your Theme with a Green Screen Photo Booth Rental in Minneapolis

Have you ever needed a scene to match the theme of your party or event? Are you looking for something more versatile and easy to switch up? Tipbooth can provide you with a special green screen photo booth rental in Minneapolis to give your party that edge you need. With green screen, you could backdrop any scene required to match the theme of your party easily and cleanly. Tipbooth even did an event in Guthrie Theater. Attendees were enthralled by the photos that made them look like you were next to Havana landmarks. Everybody loved it. Still unsure about the rental? Here are a few reasons why you should rent out a green screen photo booth.

Budget friendly.

For photo booths, you have a few options. You can create a set/custom backdrop, add filters, or include green screen photo booth. Variations of these cost money, no doubt, but our green screen photo booths will get the bang out of your buck. Photo booths with a custom backdrop offer a one time use, while the green screen is much more useful with multiple backdrops of your choosing. Generally, green screen photo booths are more budget friendly than creating your own custom photo op.

Do more with less.

To put it simply, green screens have a lot of applications. In person, the photo booth will look minimalistic. For those familiar with green screens, they will be psyched to take photos. After the photo-op session, low and behold, the picture is a natural fit! The event attendees will be impressed with the tech! There are many different backgrounds to choose from too. If the theme is Egyptian, pyramids, and pharaohs will be a click away. Green screens are universal with possibilities. Check out this article about a retired sergeant being a weatherman. Take a close look at the pictures to get an idea of what the green screen is capable of.

Pleases the party.

Overall, green screen photo booths are diverse and useful, and your guests will love it. If you would like to rent out a green screen photo booth in Minneapolis, learn more and inquire on our website.


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A man smiling

Hand holding a photo

Group of people posing for a photo

Two man smiling

Group of people posing for a photo

A couple posing for a photo with props

A group of people smiling

A couple looking at each other

Three man smiling

A couple in sunglasses

Two people dancing

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Photoactivation in Minneapolis: Promoting Great Clips at the XGames

When working with businesses, we’re always thrilled to help them promote their brand in new and exciting ways. Working with Great Clips at this year’s XGames in Minneapolis was just such an occasion. For three days, we were able to use our photo activation services to not only get their name out there, but we were also able to shoot some genuinely cool pictures in the process.

Our Unique Setup For A Lively Experience

With final approval from our client, we designed the entire project from start to finish. Guests would enter into our tent to find a green screen on the back wall. There, they could pose with either a skateboard or bike featuring the Great Clips logo. Extra green screen tiles on the floor allowed us to take shots as though people were actually in the air. It looked like people were competing in the XGames! This made for some awesome shots that people could print immediately. We also had three kiosks open for people to text their photos to themselves, meaning they could easily share them on social media. Parents and children especially loved seeing themselves in the air performing mock tricks. It was a fantastic idea for sharing fun pictures and spreading awareness of our client’s brand at the same time.  

Professional Photoactivation in Minneapolis

Utilizing photography is an excellent way to entertain people, spread your message, and do something creative. People love taking and sharing photos, and photo activation is an excellent way to promote a brand. At Time Into Pixels, we’re passionate about helping clients take compelling, original photos that people love to show off in their feeds. We’re a company that’s happy to provide corporate photo activation and help make your next event a hit. Our open style photo booths are perfect for parties, conferences, and gatherings of all shapes and sizes.

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Stadium with sand

Inside of a stadium

Green tent

A man next to a kiosk with tablet

Three kiosks with tablets

a man with a bicycle

Two girls on a bike

A girl posing for a photo next to green background

A person entering information into a tablet

Three kiosks with tablets

A green commercial tent

A bicycle against a white background

three kiosks with tablets

A kiosk with a tablet

Sign agains a green background

a man with a skateboard

A man on a skateboard

a girl with a bicycle

a person with a bike

A boy with a skateboard

a girl on a skateboard


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Green Screen Booth Available in Twin Cities for Corporate Events

Photo booths are incredibly popular and have been for some time to use for different types of occasions, including corporate events. Most guests line up to take photos with their friends or possibly even strangers to create a fun moment they can remember forever. Once these guests have gotten their hands on a fun picture, they will share it on their social media profiles and help strengthen the brand. One unique way of capturing photos is with a green screen. The background adds to the experience without tarnishing the quality of the images with our professional lighting and photographers. This distinct experience gives potential clients an opportunity to have a little extra fun during your event.


Why use a green screen?


Many business owners might ask themselves why they would need the green screen when setting up a photo booth might be enough. While a photo booth can be fun in general, adding the green screen will give guests an opportunity to choose limitless backgrounds. They can capture a moment in any scene or any place in the world. There is also an opportunity to create layers to the photo and give guests and much more engaging experience they can share with others. For this particular event with North Memorial Hospital we did not only brand the prints, but also had a branded booth wrap and a table cloth to make sure the client’s brand is front and center.

How can you get started?


If you’re living in the Twin Cities area, finding a photo booth service with a green screen is incredibly simple. Time into Pixels offers a variety of fully branded booths, custom props, backdrops, and booth wraps with your logo explicitly made for the event. There are a variety of entertainment options to use, including the green screen. These photos can be made instantly into prints with your company’s logo, giving guests a printed copy they will share with others.


Using branding in your corporate events shouldn’t be complicated, and your guests’ experiences shouldn’t be forgettable. Think about adding a photo booth with a green screen to your celebration in Twin Cities today.


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Wooden sign


Green screen photo stations with a table and a box


White boxes on a table


Logo on white


Photo booth with a logo


Two photos of a guy wearing sun glasses


Two photos of a couple smiling


Two photos of two people wearing hats


Two photos of a guy with a black dog


Two girls holding dogs


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Adidas at the Pourhouse: Green Screen in Minneapolis

Recently, Time Into Pixels Photography and Photo Booth went to the Pourhouse in Minneapolis. Adidas wanted their guests to have the best photo booth experience possible. So we pulled out the green screen, and got to work! Everyone had a blast, and we have the photos to prove it!

Exciting Night to Remember


Adidas asked for a hashtag overlay and plenty of GIF options, and we delivered! The guests had a great time, with photos both serious and silly. It was a great night for everybody, with a DJ, and instantly made custom t-shirts. The games were a lot of fun, but it was our photos at the green screen that made the night unforgettable.

Our Experience Works for You


We’ve worked events all over the country, from the coasts to the heartland. We enjoy our events that have been closer to home, like when we were at the Mall of America for a Super Bowl event. But the variety of experience we’ve gotten from traveling has made us who we are.  We put the customer first, and take one more worry off your mind. Let us put our years of experience with green screens at work for you!

We Travel So You Don’t Have To!


While we’re based in Minneapolis, we’re happy to travel anywhere in the country for your event! Give us a call! We’re happy to travel to you for your event, so you can have one less thing to worry about. We bring the green screen, and you get a good night’s sleep!


If you’re looking for a green screen for your next event, talk to us and we’ll do the rest. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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wall made of soccer balls


Dancefloor and a DJ


People taking a photo to next to green screen


Group of people posing for a photo



crowded venue with people


Three people are posing for a photo


Two women are posing for a photo


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