Enclosed Photo Booth Rental Now Available in the Minnesota Area

Here at Time Into Pixels, we’ve been renting open-style photo booths to customers in Minneapolis, Minnesota for years. We are pleased to announce the addition of four new enclosed photo booth rental options to our services.

Why choose an enclosed photo booth rental?

Enclosed photo booth rental offers the same fun and results as an open photo booth but are more intimate. Photo booths have become truly a “must-have” for anyone organizing an event. Whether you’re looking for a rental for a birthday party, wedding, school event, or any other moment you want to capture, our enclosed photo booths will suit your needs.

Enclosed booths are great for children, the elderly, or anyone who may need to sit down for a photograph. Enclosed photo booths can also capture intimate moments that an open booth may not, as people often feel more comfortable being behind a curtain than in an open-air space.

In an age where portable cameras are dominant, photo booths remain loved for many reasons. For the older generation, an enclosed photo booth will bring back memories of their younger days. For children, a photo booth is a fun activity. Our enclosed photo booths are designed to bring people together.

Features of our enclosed photo booths

Our enclosed photo booths have a traditional and classic look on the outside but are updated with current equipment to ensure your photos will look fantastic. The booths have the added feature of being able to reprint as many photos as needed, which is great for photos of groups or if you would like extra keepsakes.

As always, when you rent a booth from Time Into Pixels, you have the option of personalizing photo strips with names, logos, or other graphics. Print your and your loved one’s names on the strip for a cherished memory or brand the strips with your company’s logo for a corporate event.

Time Into Pixels is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but we can travel with our photo booth rentals to other areas. Whether you’re holding a wedding in Minneapolis or a business conference in another state, our new enclosed photo booth rentals can accommodate your needs.


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Vibrant Larger than Life Creative Photo Activation In Minneapolis

Here at Time Into Pixel Photography and Photo Booth, we are always looking to build our portfolio. We don’t let quirky ideas or photos that are rather difficult to render get in the way of us trying to form lasting relationships with new clients, so when we got the opportunity to do a unique creative photo activation we were more than happy to take up the challenge such as this vibrant larger than life creative photo activation in Minneapolis.

Vibrant Larger than Life Creative Photo Activation In Minneapolis

The idea for this unique photographic experience manifested with the help of the brilliant minds at Metro Connections, who aim to create the most satisfactory experiences at all of their events and conferences. This time, they were working with the leading global biotechnology company known as Novozymes. Novozymes, who are extremely passionate about using enzymes to enhance everyday products people use on a regular basis like laundry detergent, was interested in pursuing a “laundry room” theme for their creative photoactivation at the Muse Event Center, a prestigious location for events taking place in Minneapolis.


To create the rendered results, the planners at Metro Connections constructed large-scale beige furniture and juxtaposed it against vivid clothes and props. Novozymes requested that the people being photographed appear to be at different distances from the camera, so we utilized tables of varying sizes and took photos at multiple angles in order to create optical illusions and establish realism in the photos.


Although a new challenge for us, we were excited to be able to expand our catalog of work and the end results coincided with Novozymes’s vision. They left satisfied with their pictures which were striking and engaging, capturing fun individuals who were laughing and smiling.  The photos also were very bright and playful thanks to the brilliant colors of the clothes and props utilized throughout the photoactivation. These colors helped to create unique focal-points for viewers so they will be drawn into the pictures automatically.


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Photo Activation at the Grand Opening of Porsche Minnesota

Porsche St. Paul Grand Opening Photo Activation

One of the best parts of offering photo booth services to a variety of clients is that we get to use our creativity and innovative technology. We’re able to create the perfect custom backdrop for every type of function and client. From the fun and glamorous wedding photo booths to elegant and refined booths for a corporate party, we have something for everyone! Most recently, we were given the opportunity to skip the photo booth altogether and arrange a photo activation in Minnesota that was different and upscale, perfectly fitting the event we were participating in: the Grand Opening of Porsche St. Paul.


For this celebration, we partnered with event designers Bungalow 6 Design & Events. We were excited to generating a photo area that would impress all the event attendees. Guests were able to pose next to large 14×6 panoramic wall decals that showcased the class and quality of the Porsche brand. In addition to those stellar backdrops, attendees were given the option of having their picture taken in any area of the dealership. This added an even greater opportunity for unique images for the guests.

Photo Activation in Minnesota

One of the best features of our photo booth services is the instant printing that allows guests to receive their images on the spot. The guests excited to be able to take their instant pictures home with them. On top of that, the client also wins in that the photos act as a great marketing tool! In this particular event, each individual photo utilized either a Porsche vehicle or logo as the backdrop, and the print itself prominently featured the Porsche logo.


Our non-traditional photo booth setup from this grand opening is just one of many custom photo booth experiences we have designed to match the needs of our clients. If you are looking for a unique photo booth experience to help you celebrate your next event, please inquire today! We would love to be a part of making your event a successful and memorable one!


Car-aoke Photo-Video Activation for the Twin Cities Auto Show

If you’re a fan of the infamous carpool karaoke segments on The Late Late Show with James Corden, you would have loved participating in our recent “Car-aoke” photo activation Minnesota at the Twin Cities Auto Show!

Car-aoke Photo And Video Activation for the Twin Cities Auto Show

When creative service provider BoldOrange approached us with the idea of developing a carpool karaoke event at the auto show for their client Plug Into Minnesota, we couldn’t wait to get our creative gears turning. We partnered with event planner metroConnections to produce the staging for this completely custom photo booth rental, and the client was beyond pleased with the final product.

To draw attention from the crowd, we positioned four, double-sided, 8-foot signs strategically around the display. They worked like a charm, and before we knew it, we had a line of guests waiting for their turn to rock out in the sleek electric hybrid Chevy Bolt. In an effort to make the song selection an easier process, we provided large signage on an easel with a list of all available song choices. While standing in line, participants were able to scan this list and choose the song that would best showcase their inner Miley Cyrus, Bruno Mars, Journey, Prince, or Rascal Flatts.

Once they informed the attendant of their song selection, guests grabbed their favorite prop choice and headed into the Volt to begin their jam session. Meanwhile, we made sure to capture both a photo and a 20-second video of the group in their rock star glory. Upon completion of their performance, they were able to pick up the printed photo before heading to the sharing kiosk, a convenient feature that allowed them to email themselves the video and photo for sharing purposes.

To keep audience members engaged in the experience, we incorporated an external TV monitor that unveiled the fun going on in the vehicle. This served two great purposes: entertaining the audience and encouraging their participation. It’s hard to pass up the opportunity to take home such a memorable keepsake from an event.

The carpool karaoke experience was such a hit that it even garnered attention from local media station Kare 11 and the “Morning Buzz Show” on Fox 9.

Here at Time Into Pixels, our services can go far beyond the standard photo booth rental; the car-aoke event was just one example of how we can customize our services to fit the various needs of our clients. If you’d like to discuss how a custom photo activation Minnesota can help make your next event a success, please inquire today! We’d love the chance to help bring your vision to life!

Photo Booth and Event Photography at Comcast Awards

We recently had the pleasure of providing corporate photo booth rental Mn for Comcast’s yearly awards, the Xfinity 2018 Kickoff event. With one call, Comcast had all the photography for the event handled–and we had a blast providing it! The Lumber Exchange Event Center was transformed into terrific awards and casino night. We here at Time Into Pixels were on hand to capture every minute of the fun, and the instant souvenirs of a photo booth made sure it was a night that wouldn’t be forgotten.

Corporate Photo Booth Rental MN

It was an absolute pleasure to be chosen by Comcast to capture their event. Awards were presented, photos were taken, and a delicious dinner was enjoyed by all (with donuts!). We provided a photo booth with a speedy printing process, branded with the event logo. Our sharing kiosk made it a snap to forward the images to the attendees’ emails so they didn’t have to worry about carrying them around all night.


In addition to the photo booth provided, we also performed the event photography duties for Comcast. Without having to worry about capturing images for the company website or newsletter, everyone at the event was able to relax and enjoy themselves, and there was plenty to do at the event! The casino tables were the perfect backdrop for the cocktail hour, and attendees got to enter a raffle, resulting in one lucky employee taking home a Caribbean vacation! With so much excitement, it was critical for us to quickly process and deliver the event photos.


If you’re interested in the convenience of having one company do it all for your event photos and photo booth, we can’t wait to hear from you. Please visit our website at TIPbooth.com or simply Inquire Today!



Corporate Photo Booth Rental MN

Corporate Photo Booth Rental MN

Corporate Photo Booth Rental MN

Corporate Photo Booth Rental MN

Corporate Photo Booth Rental MN

Corporate Photo Booth Rental MN

Comcast's yearly awards, the Xfinity 2018 Kickoff event