Glam Booth Photo Booth Rental

Glam Booth Photo Booth Rental

Glam Booth photo booth rental is one of our favorite types of rentals! These classy, propless, black and white images are equally a great keepsake for our wedding couples as well as for our corporate clients. Providing a celebrity type of photo booth experience, our software edits the images on the fly. It adds skin smoothing and contrast to make every guest look flawless. If you are looking for a photo booth that is elegant, look no further – our Glam Booth would be a perfect fit.

Mayra and Julian’s Wedding 

Our couple Mayra and Julian were looking for an open style booth that would match the style of their wedding which was an elegant affair at the John P. Murzyn Hall in Columbia Heights, Minnesota. Located only 10 minutes away from downtown Minneapolis, the space features an impressive stone fireplace, a cozy lounge area, and a large ballroom that was a perfect fit for their social distanced wedding this October.

The couple opted for a simple, classy template with rose gold text that matched the accents in their wedding décor. They also had a guest book included in their package with all the images signed by the people they love!

With their Glam Booth, each of our couples gets a guest book, an on-site photo booth expert, unlimited prints, a backdrop as well as set up and removal of the booth and instant text message sharing so guests can post on social media without waiting for the final gallery to be sent and delivered. “Picture or it didn’t happen,” they say!

Below you can see some of the images from Mayra and Julian’s wedding at the John P. Murzyn Hall in Columbia Heights, MN.

Glam Booth Rental

Glam Booth Rental

A Glam Booth rental is one of our favorite and most popular types of photo booth rentals! This upscale black and white filter is popular among Hollywood celebrities and is always a wow factor at our events. Our software retouches the images on-the-fly, adds skin smoothing, and adjusts the contrast. Your guests will look their best and have a one-of-a-kind keepsake to take home. Our Glam Booth rentals offer the same perks as our open style photo booth. They also provide a cutting-edge aesthetic that most guests have never seen before. After all, pretty much everyone experienced a photo booth and people know what to expect, but hardly anyone experienced a Glam Booth! We include 4×6 prints with this type of booth in our basic package. We also have a 5×7 upgrade available as well as a 5×7 metallic luxury paper that makes your images look spectacular!

Wedding At The Broz

This particular Glam Booth rental took place at Wedding At The Broz in New Prague – a historic venue built in 1898. The building changed its ownership several times since then, but all of the owners were always focused on preserving and restoring the original beauty. Original tin ceilings, beams, and stained glass are still featured throughout the space. The ballroom provides a perfect setting for a wedding and we enjoy working there every time.

Our couple went for a very simple graphic on their prints and with their rental. They received an attendant, unlimited prints as well as a guest book where their guests were able to write a wish for the newlyweds. Our Glam Booth rentals don’t include props which makes photographs timeless and a bit more formal. It works well for black tie weddings where couples are looking to create an upscale photo experience for their guests.


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Black and white photo of smiling people

Two couples kissing

Two women kissing a man

A smiling couple

Four people posing for a photo

Smiling people posing for a photo

Smiling people

Smiling people

Bride and smiling girls

a couple

Smiling women

Smiling couple

Two smiling couples

Two women are kissing a women on a cheek

Smiling women

Three smiling men

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Get an iPad Booth to Caputure the Night, Minneapolis!

You want your wedding to be memorable. Capturing the energy of the night can be difficult with traditional photographs. Sometimes, a little motion can go a long way. Maddie and Ross put their best foot forward into their marriage by enlisting the help of an iPad Booth at Aria Minneapolis.

The Boomerang Booth


You know Boomerangs from social media, and now you can have quick and professionally shot mini-movies to share directly to Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. The Boomerang Booth operates just like a traditional photo booth, with the additional capability to shoot short, looping videos that are just as fun to watch as they are to make.


Personalize your memories by adding digital props or perhaps the couple’s names. This optional service can add an extra flair to the photos and videos to unify everyone’s experience.

The iPad Booth


An iPad Booth is a great way for people in the Minneapolis area to give their friends and family a new, fun way to enjoy their evening. Your pictures can move from stuffy, stiff, and redundant, to lively, engaging, and fun. Your guests will enjoy their time in the iPad Booth just as much as they will enjoy looking back on their evening.


The set up is minimal and attractive. If you have enough space for a tripod and a backdrop, you have enough room to create lasting memories. Why sit still when you can dance, smile, laugh, and have the ability to show off just how much fun you are having.


Time Into Pixels has been servicing the Minneapolis, Minnesota area for years. Their services and products have grown to be a cherished asset to many people at special events, just like Maddie and Ross at the Aria. You’re wedding should be as unique as your relationship, and there’s no better way to showcase that than by customizing a new, fun service to help capture the evening.

A bride and groom posing

iPad Booth at Aria Minneapolis

Event Photographer With On-Site Printing Takes Photos with Santa

Nickelodeon Universe holds a massive annual party at The Mall of America, and this year we were invited to provide event photography with on-site printing. Learn more about the party, the photographer with on-site printing, and how it can benefit you.

Photos with a Classy-Looking, Blue Santa

Nickelodeon doesn’t often do things the way you’d expect. At their party, they offered photos with Santa, but instead of the traditional red-suited Santa with reindeer and peppermint sticks, Nickelodeon provided a slightly different experience. They hired Girl Friday to make them a sparkly custom backdrop complete with giant gifts, a plush Santa chair, and a really magnificent balloon garland. Girl Friday is absolutely the best company to go to for anything custom in the Minneapolis area. And who was sitting among the balloons and glitter? Santa, looking very dapper in his new blue suit!

A Live Photographer with On-Site Printing and Digital Sharing

Since this setup didn’t work with an open style photo booth, Nickelodeon hired us to do event photography. This means we send a professional photographer to the event, where he or she takes photos of party-goers sitting on Santa’s lap in the midst of the on-site scenery. The photographer can move around, capture the best shot, and then print out the results right there at the party. Also, the photos can be shared digitally on the spot.

Why You Should Consider Hiring Us for Your Next Event

Event photography gives your guests the thrill of being professionally photographed while they are dressed in their best. Plus, we do an excellent job of capturing your company brand and your event for future use in promotions. If you have an upcoming event in Minneapolis that you would like us to capture in print and digital imagery, please contact us today. Our event photography with on-site printing and instant digital sharing works great for red carpet events or another type of custom setup. We’ll make it happen for you.

A santa surrounded with gifts

The Coolest Boomerang Booth for Metro by T-Mobile Ever!

The Coolest Boomerang Booth for Metro by T-Mobile Ever!

When it comes to brand awareness, the way to gain attention is to keep people entertained. This is exactly what we did when we were invited recently to take part in a photoactivation for Metro by T-Mobile. This event was a part of the recent UFC fight night and took place at the Target Center. With only a few days to prepare, we created the coolest boomerang booth for Metro by T-Mobile Ever!

The First Round: Add The Boomerang Booth

This is a client that we loved working with and hope to work with again in the future. Metro by T-Mobile contacted us stating that they had a custom photo op set up for Fight Night at the Target Center. They were looking for a way to make it more fun and needed us to capture people posing with an actual UFC championship belt! 

We were thrilled by the idea. Our creative energy consumed us and we thought it was so cool to have an actual UFC belt as a prop. Therefore, we happily offered our Boomerang kiosk as well as some branding added in for added brand awareness and pizzazz.

Round Two Kicks In

Before the event opened, we showed up with our equipment and set everything in place. Once people began to arrive, the real pre-UFC Fight Night party started. Once people discovered that they could take photos, GIFs, and Boomerangs with a real UFC Championship belt, they were excited. They also enjoyed having the option to text the images and GIFs to themselves and share them instantly on social media.

With a consistent line at all times, the turnout was amazing. Even the background with T-Mobile and Metro logos made the “fight photos” more impressive. It made them feel like true champions for a moment and they will feel like champions every time they see their boomerangs.

During the time we were there, more than 500 photos and boomerangs were captured. People were laughing, sharing, and coming back for a second photo op.

Round Three: The End Result

When people stepped out of the photo booth, they had created their own memories of the event. They were walking out of the photo area with a smile. Their photos and GIFs were shared so that family and friends would be envious of all the fun they missed out on. In the future, at another UFC Fight Night, those friends may decide to take part in it, as well as other events hosted by Metro and T-Mobile.

For us, this is one of many success stories that raised brand awareness. We enjoy helping companies up their marketing strategy by providing fun. If you want to raise your brand awareness, we will be happy to help you as well. Simply contact us for more information.

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A group of people next to a kiosk

A person next to a kiosk

A group of people

People in line next to a kiosk

People in line

A person next to a kiosk

A person next to a kiosk

A person next to a kiosk

People in line

Attendant next to a kiosk

Attendant next to a kiosk

A person by a kiosk

A man taking a photo

A man bu a kiosk

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Rising Tide Society Retreat With Digital Photo Booth in Minneapolis

We recently had the wonderful opportunity to be at a gathering of Rising Tide Society Retreat with our digital photo booth in Minneapolis. We had a ton of fun! The Rising Tide Society is an inspiring community of creatives and small business owners who gather locally each month. They share strategies, support one another, and provide feedback and advice to each other using their own experiences. Their motto is “Community Over Competition” and they are all about support within their local business communities. It’s truly an inspiring group of people! We were honored to be able to help them have a little fun at their Minneapolis event.

The event itself was held at Paikka in St. Anthony Park, a beautiful and open venue with a modern industrial vibe. Jessica Wonders planned the event and we attended on the second day with our digital photo booth.

Our Digital Photo Booth in Minneapolis

Our digital photo booth is sure to be a crowd-pleaser at any company event or wedding. It takes standard still photos as well as boomerangs and GIFs and allows you to share them all instantly via SMS and/or email. Clients can customize a template design and add a Snapchat-style filter to the photos and videos. When they use the booth and then share it with their friends on social media, it ensures that your brand is out there for the world to see. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a crazy boomerang must be worth at least twice that!

If you’re looking to up the ante at your wedding reception or your next company gathering, consider using this service. We promise it will be a hit! Visit our website for more information on the different types of booths Time Into Pixels offers and to see what others had to say about their experiences.