Introducing: Virtual Photo Booths and Custom Virtual Photo Activations
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Virtual Photo Booths and Custom Virtual Photo Activations are now available and are a great way to connect your team while everyone is working for home or planning virtual events.

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Here’s how it works:

We schedule your virtual event date and time
We’ll create a template for your images with your graphic or logo (just like we would if we had an in-person event) so that it’s branded from top to bottom
Spread the word! Tell your employees to take selfies; guests can use a Snapchat or Instagram camera if they want to add any filters or text to their pictures
Your employees send a text message with their photo to a unique phone number
Your branded template gets added to images that are sent to this number
We post all of the images to your online gallery and/or create a guest book – we even have the ability to create a digital mosaic
Cell phone screen with a photo

Digital Photo Mosaic Activation
We use all the photos that were taken by your team during this virtual event and create a mosaic of images that can show a brand message, logo, product, or unique photograph when it is completed. Have your employees be a part of a huge mosaic that can be hung at the office!

A photo mosaic with a logo for virtual photo booth

Custom Gallery
When your team texts a picture to the unique number, they will not only get their photos back with your branding texted to them, the images will also automatically upload to your event gallery. The gallery will be customized with your colors to keep your brand front and center.