Glam Booth Rental

A Glam Booth rental is one of our favorite and most popular types of photo booth rentals! This upscale black and white filter is popular among Hollywood celebrities and is always a wow factor at our events. Our software retouches the images on-the-fly, adds skin smoothing, and adjusts the contrast. Your guests will look their best and have a one-of-a-kind keepsake to take home. Our Glam Booth rentals offer the same perks as our open style photo booth. They also provide a cutting-edge aesthetic that most guests have never seen before. After all, pretty much everyone experienced a photo booth and people know what to expect, but hardly anyone experienced a Glam Booth! We include 4×6 prints with this type of booth in our basic package. We also have a 5×7 upgrade available as well as a 5×7 metallic luxury paper that makes your images look spectacular!

Wedding At The Broz

This particular Glam Booth rental took place at Wedding At The Broz in New Prague – a historic venue built in 1898. The building changed its ownership several times since then, but all of the owners were always focused on preserving and restoring the original beauty. Original tin ceilings, beams, and stained glass are still featured throughout the space. The ballroom provides a perfect setting for a wedding and we enjoy working there every time.

Our couple went for a very simple graphic on their prints and with their rental. They received an attendant, unlimited prints as well as a guest book where their guests were able to write a wish for the newlyweds. Our Glam Booth rentals don’t include props which makes photographs timeless and a bit more formal. It works well for black tie weddings where couples are looking to create an upscale photo experience for their guests.


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Black and white photo of smiling people

Two couples kissing

Two women kissing a man

A smiling couple

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Smiling people posing for a photo

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Smiling people

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Smiling couple

Two smiling couples

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