Photography with Live Printing at Aria Minneapolis

We take great pride in our local Minneapolis community for a number of reasons, but one at the top of our list is that we are home to the elegant, chic and nationally awarded Aria. Located in the historic Minneapolis North Loop, Aria showcases the perfect blend of old world architecture and modern style with its impressive 30-foot ceilings, stunning crystal chandeliers, and the timeless beauty of exposed brick. We always get a thrill of excitement when we get the chance to bring our photography services there. We have seen this venue transform into extravagant weddings, sophisticated corporate gatherings, and more recently, into a rock n’ roll music hall that had everyone channeling their inner rock star.


From the delectable hors-d’oeuvres to the rock band playing on stage to the rain of confetti closing out the night, BeEvents had all of the details of the evening impeccably planned. In this particular instance, the tighter framing used with our photo booths would not have done justice to their sprawling stage and head-to-toe costumes and props, so rather than choose our standard photo booth rental, they opted for our photography package with live printing. Throughout the night, guests grouped together on the stage to form their own rock band recreations, complete with 80’s big hair, leather jackets, electric guitars and other essentials signature to the rocker swagger. Once we captured each group striking their best album cover pose, our immediate live printing and social media sharing options ensured that their friends both near and far would get the chance to view their group’s cover-worthy photo.


If your vision goes beyond the boundaries of our traditional photo booth, inquire today and let us help you think outside of the box. Our photography with live printing package may be just what is needed to make your planning complete!


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Minneapolis Photo Booth Rental | Minnesota Star Awards

Every year The International Special Events Society recognizes the best vendors in the event planning industry and in good tradition our Minneapolis photo booth is a part of this fantastic celebration. Everyone involved came together to throw a party to remember that included delicious food, incredible live music and entertainment. Shout out to the all the great vendors for all their hard work making this night a blast!

Interested in bringing some fun to your party? Contact us for availability and more information.

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