Corporate Photo Activation At The Chicago Marathon

One of the many great things about photography is that it’s something everyone can appreciate. Wherever you go, whatever the occasion, people everywhere love capturing special moments just to share and remember them. Offering someone a photo is like offering them something that could never be replicated, making it a fantastic opportunity to reach all kinds of people. Our corporate photo activation during the Chicago marathon proved as much, that photography always has the potential to make a successful impact for any kind of brand or business.


Photo Activation For Runners & Fans

Marathons are a fantastic event for reaching numerous people during a truly enlivening time. It can be an emotional experience for runners and their spectators, especially given the physical exertion and general excitement. Our photo booth blended seamlessly with the expo booth our client designed to match its style. Everything had a clean, modern look to it that made a significant impression on guests. After runners got their numbers, they would see us to have their photo taken and emailed to them on the spot. It was a great way for them to savor the moment, and it gave them a chance to share their experiences with friends and family via social media.

The good news for our client is that they were able to expose their brand to every participant that came through. Not only that, but we were able to do some data collecting for them as well. People were so eager to capture the moment they gladly volunteered the information our client needed, and we ensured they got it.


Success With Open Style Photo Booths

A corporate photo activation is always a huge success with events like this that are part of things people love. At Time Into Pixels, our open style photo booths and professional expertise can assist nearly any business or brand with a desire to get their name out. For expert photo activation in Minneapolis and beyond, look no further.


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A man smiling for a photo

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A woman smiling for a photo

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Expo booth

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Corporate Photo Booth MN – Diamond Service Award

Benefits of Photo Booths For Corporate Events

The 23rd annual Bloomington Diamond Service Award Gala which took place on March, 17th 2019 was a success in every aspect. The corporate photo booth MN event took on a color theme of green and white and the decor of the event eluded elegance, sophistication, and class.

For this event, Time Into Pixels provided live photography with printing and the client opted for luxury 5×7 metallic paper. This made the event even more memorable adding that extra wow-factor as the regular photo size guests typically see is 4×6 or smaller. The metallic paper really made the photos pop as it brought out the color vibrancy, contrast and details in each picture.

To increase the visual impact for the guests, Time Into Pixels also provided photo holders to keep the pictures safe throughout the event and through the journey home. Photo holders were customized in the same green and white shade as the event’s color theme.

Benefits of Photo Booths and Photo Ops for Corporate Events

Photo booths and photo ops offer a number of benefit for corporate clients. While everyone enjoys taking pictures at events, the benefits go farther than just creating fun pictures. Some benefits they offer include…

An Opportunity to Impress your Guests With a Corporate Photo Booth Mn

For corporate events, a photo booth gives you an opportunity to impress your guests. When attendees gathered at the DoubleTree for the Bloomington Diamond Service, they were pleasantly surprised! Guests received a high-quality large print in a branded holder… at absolutely no cost. The 5×7 size of the pictures, the metallic paper and the custom photo holders made it clear that attention was given to every detail. Guests easily understood that they were having a luxury experience instead of a regular photo booth. This will definitely have the guests seeing the organization in a different light!

Create a Lighter Atmosphere

Having a photo booth or photo op at an event can help lighten up the atmosphere. Event attendees were given something fun to do and enjoy all the effort you put into the event. Along with a great presentation and delicious food, a photo booth was a light-hearted way for guests to have fun!

Spread the Word about Your Brand

Having a photo booth that specifically tailors to corporate clients gives a lot of opportunities for branding. This way, long after your event ended and guests took their photo booth pictures home, your brand logo and colors will remind them of your company. When pictures are posted online and shared with friends, your brand will receive that extra publicity every company wants and needs.

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metallic luxury prints photo booth


metallic luxury prints photo booth


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