Photo Activations and Marketing in Minneapolis

Photo Activations and Marketing in Minneapolis

Photo activations and marketing in Minneapolis could help make a lasting impression on your current and potential customers. There are many tools you can utilize to turn a regular photo-op into a powerful marketing tool. Creative photo installations and green screen photo ops are just some of them. They are a very effective tool that can help you to promote your brand and connect it with your audience.

Green Screen Photo Activation At The State Fair

After more than a year of canceled events and social distancing, the great Minnesota get-together was a perfect opportunity for our client to promote their brand in a meaningful and entertaining way. We created a green screen photo op for State Fair attendees that included being inserted in a scene from a favorite Peacock show. These shows included Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Saved by the bell, Girls 5 Eva as well as a scene from Heart to Harr and Boss Baby. For this brand photo activation, we also put photos in branded lanyards so they can safely get home. Custom lanyards were also a perfect opportunity for additional branding. After the photos were taken, printed, and inserted into lanyards, attendees were also able to share them digitally via our sharing kiosks. We set up a branded email and added a small survey for our clients to collect data they could use after the activation. After the photo op attendees could step to the other side of the tent and speak with the company representative about their special offers and promotions as well as ask any other questions they might have.

The Effectiveness of the State Fair Photo Activation

Overall, during the State Fair thousands of images were taken, printed, and shared on social media by the attendees. Getting a photo where you look like you are a part of your favorite TV is a pretty fantastic green screen photo op and it left a very positive impression on those who came through the tent. It’s something that the event attendees will show to their friends and keep in their homes or workspaces, and in the end, this awesome memory will be promoting our client’s brand for a long time.

Photo Station With Printing In Minneapolis

Time Into Pixels had a photo station with printing in Minneapolis at the grand opening of the first Ferrari dealership in the Twin Cities. Bungalow Six created an upscale photo op for this luxury brand where guests could take a photo with the new Ferrari 296 GTB. To add a wow factor to this photo experience fit for the iconic Italian brand, we opted for 5×7 metallic photo paper which brings images to life like never before, making them exceptionally rich in contrast and color. We also created photo holders for the images so they got home safely. In addition, Ferrari branded folders were a great way not only to protect the images but also made the experience even more high-end. The red uplighting that matches the brand color made the images even more vivid.

Photo Station With Printing In Minneapolis

From red carpets, grand openings to concerts to festivals, Minneapolis always has something cool going on. There is no shortage of fun or formal events happening in Minneapolis all year long and lots of them greatly benefit from a photo station with printing. Capturing guests while they enjoy a night out while having a great time can increase your brand’s visibility as well as help with social media marketing; lots of event attendees will post their photos on social media for their friends and followers to see. Those images can be branded, custom step-and-repeats can be added as backdrops and the possibilities for marketing is endless!

Printing Options

Our photo station with printing in Minneapolis can be customized to fit your brands’ needs! We can offer a variety of paper sizes ranging from 4×6, 5×7, 16×4 and more depending on the needs of each client. We also offer metallic 5×7 paper for a luxury and upscale feel. Branded photo holders and folders can be also added for additional brand awareness and a high-end feel.

Please inquire to learn about different options we can offer – we would be happy to find one that benefits your event the most.

Vintage Photo Booth Rental in Minneapolis

Vintage Photo Booth Rental in Minneapolis

Vintage Photo Booth Rental in Minneapolis remains one of the most popular and beloved photo booth rentals. Perfect for any occasion, these booths can be customized for both corporate and private events. With a neutral backdrop, upscale fun props, and a professional, engaging photo booth attendant, your guests will have a blast using this vintage photo booth. While this booth is inspired by old-school traditional photo booths, it has all the modern equipment inside for the most high-quality customizable prints and includes professional lighting that makes your guests look their best. It’s perfect for traditional, barn, or vintage weddings, Gatsby-themed events, and much more! Regardless of the theme- this is your booth – timeless, elegant, and chick it will add fun and style to any event.

Hyatt Regency Downtown Minneapolis Wedding Photo Booth

For Cate and Jake’s wedding at the Hyatt Regency Downtown in Minneapolis, we customized the booth adding personalized graphics on the front of the booth. It’s such a perfect way to make your event uniquely yours as well as an additional opportunity to showcase your photos. Our couple had the booth for 3 hours and at the end of the night, they received an album full of well wishes and photo strips from their guests. Our photo booth attendant made sure each guest got a copy of a photo strip and a password-protected gallery with all the photos taken during the night. Hyatt Regency Downtown Minneapolis provided a perfect location for this modern wedding as well and the couple did a beautiful job putting everything together for their special day.

If you are interested in having a vintage photo booth at your event, please reach out to us – we would be happy to talk more and to make sure we find an option that fits your needs perfectly!

Traditional Enclosed Photo Booth

Traditional Enclosed Photo Booth

Our traditional enclosed photo booth remains one of the most popular photo booth rentals in Minneapolis. This booth was designed similar to a vintage-style photo booth but equipped with a modern camera and lighting for the highest quality photos. In the age of smartphones, there is so much charm in this most authentic photo booth experience!

Our Rentals Include

What’s a photo booth without props? We offer high-quality props for the most fun and engaging photo booth experience. With all of our rentals, we also include a staff member that will make sure your guests are taken care of and your guest book gets signed throughout the night. Our typical rentals are for three hours, but lots of our couples add at least an extra hour to make sure all of their guests use the booth as many times as they would like.

Our Favorite Feature

One of our favorite features is our photo booth customization. We can replace the front panel of the booth with a custom-designed graphic of your choice. Most of our couples opt for an engagement photo with their names and wedding date to make their rental uniquely theirs. It will glow when it gets darker since it’s backlight and will showcase the stars of the event!

Hewing Hotel Traditional Enclosed Photo Booth Rental

For Erin and Billy’s wedding at the Hewing Hotel in May, we provided our vintage booth with the customization that complimented their stationery. After all, having all of the details cohesive with one another adds to the overall experience of your guests. From getting your invitation in the mail to your place cards and to your photo booth rental – your wedding is unique and we are here to make sure your guests experience it!

If you are interested in renting a photo booth for your wedding, please reach out with any questions. We are happy to create a rental that fits your wedding needs!

Halo Photo Booth Rental

Halo Photo Booth Rental In Minneapolis at The Hutton House

Mom Boss is more than just a run. It’s an annual event that empowers, encourages, and supports women in our community. This year it took place at The Hutton House and participants had an option to run beautiful trails or Medicine Lake, or even participate virtually. After the race, everyone had some time to spend at the Hutton House and to enjoy mimosas, coffee, and donuts as well as some photo booth fun. The event was beautifully executed by our friends at Covey Events and our Boomerang photo booth rental added some fun!

Making Your Rental Extra Special

While we have more than 20 upscale backdrops to choose from, we love custom backdrops when we do our rentals. It makes the images, Boomerang and GIFs so much more extra special. For Mom Boss 5K, we had a gorgeous handmade mural illustration by Spoonful of Faith. The piece was an absolute wow factor!

Rental Details

With each of our halo photo booths, you can record Boomerangs, GIFs, or take photos. Custom templates are included in all the rentals and you can add digital props for extra fun. For brands, we are able to customize the booth itself adding a branded wrap to keep your brand front and center. This booth can be rented unattended or include our staff member for a full photo booth experience. Output can be texted or emailed to each participant and the gallery of all of the images is available at the end of the event.

This type of booth is digital-only and doesn’t include prints (after all, you can’t print GIFs and Boomerangs). With that being said, they will make your events the talk of the town!

Photo Booth Rental At Bavaria Downs

Photo Booth Rental At Bavaria Downs

This photo booth rental at Bavaria Downs for Makala and Patrick’s wedding was one for the books! The couple opted for our open style booth with large 4×6 prints to show their custom hedge backdrop with a neon sign made by Girl Friday Creative specifically for the occasion. The backdrop was set up in a way where this photo booth experience felt more like a classy, upscale photo op yet all the fun elements of a curated photo booth experience were still present. The smart custom setup allowed for gorgeous centerpieces, but also for a great flow of people in and out of the booth. After taking a photo, their guests were able to sign a guest book which is always a fantastic keepsake for the couple!

Bavaria Downs

Bavaria Downs is a versatile event space that allows for elegant, lavish weddings. The opportunities are endless and if you are looking to set up a custom photo booth experience right in the middle of the action during your reception, this space would absolutely allow for it.

Current Wedding Photo Booth Trends in 2021

Our couples often personalize their photo booth experience by adding custom neon signs and beautiful backdrops to their rentals. We see hedge backdrops, shiplap walls, hexagon arches decorated with floral, and everything in between. Also, repurposing the ceremony backdrop as a photo booth backdrop later during the day is one of the best ways to create that gorgeous photo op for you and your guests later during the reception.

If you are looking for a custom photo booth with a personalized backdrop but don’t know where to start, please reach out to us – we would be happy to help you! The options are basically endless and we are happy to help you to find the one that suits your needs best!