The Fillmore Minneapolis 360-Degree Fun: Learn How Our Photo Booth Captures the Excitement

Every corporate event should be unforgettable. We bring the best event entertainment thanks to our 360 photo booth services. Our company works with individuals across the country to facilitate cutting-edge technology and expert execution during their events. Whether you are a corporate employee tasked with organizing a corporate activation or an event planner, Time Into Pixels Photography and Photo Booth can help you stand out. We recently had the pleasure of providing our services at The Fillmore Minneapolis, and our 360 photo booth was the star of the show.

How Our 360 Photo Booth Made Waves at The Fillmore Minneapolis Event

Time Into Pixels Photography and Photo Booth provided dynamic and shareable moments at The Fillmore Minneapolis. The stunning concert hall hosts some of the most upscale events in Minneapolis, and we had the pleasure of providing our 360-photo booth services during the occasion. We set up our station near the stage, and guests had a lifetime of experience capturing their best poses and sharing them on social media. Our interactive photo booth brought more life and energy to the event.

The Fillmore concert hall was filled with different stakeholders. We matched their energy by providing incredible 360 videos.  From groups of people to individual 360 videos, we provided an immersive experience. 

Stepping into the Spotlight

The 360-photo booth is more than just an interactive way to capture and share moments. It’s a unique way to showcase your company’s personality. Our experts create overlays and graphics to align with your company’s brand. Overall, the 360 photo booth is the perfect way to engage your guests and memorably present your brand. Whether you are looking for a fun outlet for your guests or to spruce up your event, we can make it happen. Contact us today to find out more about our 360 photo booth services.