Capturing Moments at The Depot Minneapolis

Capturing Unforgettable Moments at The Depot Minneapolis

Photos are more than just images on a screen; they are a timeless way of capturing the essence of the moment. There are ways to bring people together and create lasting memories. Time into Pixels Photography and Photo Booth was sought out to capture the moments at The black-tie gala at The Depot Minneapolis. We geared up our booth, polished our lenses, and stood by to capture the life of the event. Our mission was to freeze the moment in time and transform it into a living, breathing memory.

The Excitement at the Depot Minneapolis

The event was a stunning display of elegance, with the attendees impeccably dressed for the occasion. Armed with our state-of-the-art cameras and equipment, we set out to capture the magic at The Depot Minneapolis in all its 360 glories.

With the attendees showing up and striking creative poses, experimenting with new ones, and cozying up in groups of two or three, our 360 booth managed to freeze time in its vividness.

Moreover, the lighting and accessories were expertly set up for precision and quality. It was a special night, and we were thrilled to be a part of it. The energy was electric, and everyone posed to capture unforgettable moments.

Why Choose Time Into Pixels Photo Booth for Your Next Event

Our 360 video booths and photography services are designed to capture the sophistication and glamour of any event. We have the ideal solution for you if you’re looking to increase the excitement at your event or need help incorporating a social sharing aspect.

We offer our services in Minneapolis and across the country. If you want to take your event to the next level with immersive and shareable moments, look no further than Time into Pixels and Photography and Photo Booth’s services. Contact us today, and let us help you create unforgettable moments.

Corporate Photo Activation in Minneapolis

Having the chance to work for such a broad range of clients gives us the opportunity to explore equally as many new and exciting themes. For some clients, green screens are a fun way to present a unique backdrop that speaks directly to their brand. Green screens can take a photo activation event anywhere the mind could conceive. From the most exotic locations on earth to the most abstract spaces you could imagine. One of our recent events demonstrated just how effective the green screen can be. It transported participants from a seemingly normal photo booth to a beautiful forest bike trail. Here’s a little more about the exciting green screen effects for corporate photo activation in Minneapolis.

The Magic Of Green Screens

We’ve had the chance to work with plenty of exciting backdrops and themes from working in the business of corporate photo activation in Minneapolis. Usually, our photos are set against a pre-designed scene meant to complement or enhance the overall concept of the event itself. That was true with this event as well, only instead of seeing a deliberately crafted backdrop, participants only initially saw the green screen. This allowed us to surprise them with the intended backdrop as their photo was being taken.

Because the event was bike-themed, we used the green screen to transport participants onto a bike riding down a woodland trail. People were amazed and delighted once they noticed what we’d done. The surprise really managed to produce a lot of genuine smiles and enthusiasm for the occasion. It was a great example of green screens at their best. It turned what seemed like a regular photo activation into an unexpectedly amusing experience.

Corporate Photo Activation In Minneapolis

We love the opportunity to get creative and surprise people with the unexpected. The wonderful thing about photo activations is that they’re constantly giving us that opportunity while enabling our clients to grow their brand at the same time.

For more information about our open photo booths and services with photo activation in Minneapolis, feel free to contact us here today!

Rent a GIF Photo Booth in Minneapolis

Are you looking for a fun, novel photo booth experience for your next corporate event? Do you need something that can be customized to your brand and easily shared on social media? A GIF photo booth is a great way to share news of your product launch or corporate event in a way that still feels like organic, consumable content.

Aveda’s Recent Event

Aveda is a large cosmetics company, headquartered in Blaine, Minnesota. They had a GIF photo booth at a recent event. They were launching a new product that featured fruits. Our team at Time Into Pixels Photo Booth was able to bring in those fruits, and strengthen brand ties. We went above and beyond, adding some complimenting flowers to boost the desired aesthetic. Aveda’s vision of a clean, white backdrop with props that would create memorable GIFs created a memorable, marketable look.

How Does a GIF Photo Booth Work?

GIF photography is a trend on the rise, and GIF photo booths are extremely popular in Minneapolis. Time Into Pixels Photo Booth specializes in corporate events and are ultra-customizable to the look you want. Our booths come with some standard materials, like one-of-a-kind prop signs, professional-grade equipment, a variety of backdrops to choose from. There are also add-ons to choose from. With a GIF booth and Glam Booth Filter, a great option is the social media sharing station. Guests at your event can share photos via text messages or email right after they’re taken. If your company is looking to share these images after the event, there’s an online gallery of images available.

Renting a GIF Photo Booth for Your Corporate Event

Are you looking for a unique addition to your corporate event in Minneapolis is as easy as renting a GIF photo booth. You can create trendy memories that your guests can share, and brand-friendly content to promoting your new product. Contact us with any questions, or to find out more about our services.

Full-body Green Screen Photo Activation

A full-body green screen photo activation is an upscale and unique photo opportunity for any corporate event. Green screen activation is the technology that can change the background, props, and more in a photo. It’s easy for the photo’s subjects to use, and is extremely customizable for any event that you have in mind. It can take a photo of any location you could want, while easily inserting consumer information or branded content.

Minnetronix’s Recent Green Screen Photo Activation

Minneapolis area medical services provider Minnetronix had green screen photo activation used at their recent event. They opted for a fun, funky mix of real props and a green screen. They used real props in their photos: vintage suitcases, spectacles, old maps, fur hats and more. We used this inspiration to create an art deco theme, with end products reminiscent of Jules Verne’s imagery. The images were based around the event theme, 20/20 vision. The props were hand-selected by our team at Time Into Pixels Photo Booth to focus on the subject’s eyes and seeing. Our backgrounds were added with the green screen technology that matched the theme, and we were able to add a company logo to the prints.

How Does it Work?

Green screen photo activation is done by our experienced professionals on the computer. Limitless backgrounds can be selected, transporting your event anywhere in the world, or even to outer space! Our green screen photo booths are open-style. They aren’t contained to one tiny space, so more poses and more subjects can make it into the photo. They also allow the full body into the photo, which is great for costumes and other details. Even though these booths are open, they don’t have a huge footprint in your event space. Typically, we only need an 8 by 8-foot space for a green screen photo booth setup and a 120-volt wall outlet nearby. Every guest who uses this versatile photo booth will walk away with a print, and access to the images is available online.

Renting a Photo Booth for Your Corporate Event

Finding a stand-out addition to your corporate event in Minneapolis is as easy as renting a full-body green screen activation photo booth. You can take your event space anywhere, and match your event perfectly. Contact us with any questions, or to find out more.

Photo Activation in Minneapolis: Promoting Clorox at Winter Classic

Photo Activations and Experiential Marketing in Minneapolis

Photo activations and experiential marketing are some of the best ways to promote a brand. It’s a highly effective form of interactive entertainment that is memorable and allows for additional reach – after all, videos and photos people take at events are often posted online so events attendees’ friends and followers will see them too. This photo activation in Minneapolis for Clorox was no exception. 

Photo Activation in Minneapolis for Clorox

When the client approached us about a brand activation at Winter Classic in Minneapolis we were presented with a few objectives. We were to create sharable branded content through a photo or video experience for the attendees. It had to attract people to the booth, give them something unique to do and as a result, we were to share with them the content they create. After presenting some ideas, we settled on branded Boomerangs. While the whole booth was branded for Clorox, we also branded our Boomerang booth itself as well the output and the screen and made everything look cohesive. Given that the event was taking place during winter, multiple heaters were installed in the booth to make staff as well as event attendees comfortable while they were waiting for their turn.


With the branded Boomerang kiosk, branded booth, and branded output we were Winter Classic attracting attendees to the Clorox booth. Once in the booth, attendees would shoot their shot on the “hockey field” that was installed for them while the radar would measure their speed. All the results were recorded and whoever shot the fastest would get a prize. Needless to say, the booth was busy all day even though we had challenging cold weather for this Minnesota winter event. Overall, this was a unique photo activation that allowed us to not only entertain people but create photo content that’s branded and sharable so even after the event attendees would share it on their social media and promote our client in the most organic and authentic way.

360 Booth Rental in Minneapolis

What is a 360 Video Booth?

360 booth rental in Minneapolis is the newest trend in event entertainment. With the use of the most innovative technology, this booth creates stunning videos that would make your guests feel like superstars. The way it works is quite simple – guests stand on a small platform and an arm with a camera revolves around them capturing them in slow motion. The videos then are enhanced with multiple effects such as paparazzi camera flashes, light painting, fun transitions, etc. We also add additional lighting to the set up to make sure the videos are totally stunning and amazingly lit.

What Type of Events Would Benefit From Having a 360 Booth Rental in Minneapolis?

Anything from weddings to private parties and from corporate events to larger brand activations benefits from having a 360 booth. The booth creates such stunning videos that if you’d like to entertain your guests all night, this would be a fantastic option to keep them coming back over and over and enjoying using the 360 booth multiple times. As a result, this incredible experience will make your party memorable!

Our corporate clients get an additional benefit – such sharable content is something your guests would want to post online for their friends and followers to see. When it comes to content like this, customization is a key as well as an additional way to promote your event or brand. A perfect addition is an option to add your names or logo to the videos to catch the eye of the people seeing them.

360 Booths are Interactive

Not only this type of booth creates amazing sharable content, but it also is super interactive and immersive. The best part about it is that it doesn’t look like a booth at all! Additional installs such as balloons can be added to create extra visual impact and gorgeous videos.