Car-aoke Photo-Video Activation for the Twin Cities Auto Show

If you’re a fan of the infamous carpool karaoke segments on The Late Late Show with James Corden, you would have loved participating in our recent “Car-aoke” video and photo booth experience at the Twin Cities Auto Show!


When creative service provider BoldOrange approached us with the idea of developing a carpool karaoke event at the auto show for their client Plug Into Minnesota, we couldn’t wait to get our creative gears turning. We partnered with event planner metroConnections to produce the staging for this completely custom photo booth rental, and the client was beyond pleased with the final product.


To draw attention from the crowd, we positioned four, double-sided, 8-foot signs strategically around the display. They worked like a charm, and before we knew it, we had a line of guests waiting for their turn to rock out in the sleek electric hybrid Chevy Bolt. In an effort to make the song selection an easier process, we provided large signage on an easel with a list of all available song choices. While standing in line, participants were able to scan this list and choose the song that would best showcase their inner Miley Cyrus, Bruno Mars, Journey, Prince, or Rascal Flatts.


Once they informed the attendant of their song selection, guests grabbed their favorite prop choice and headed into the Volt to begin their jam session. Meanwhile, we made sure to capture both a photo and a 20-second video of the group in their rock star glory. Upon completion of their performance, they were able to pick up the printed photo before heading to the sharing kiosk, a convenient feature that allowed them to email themselves the video and photo for sharing purposes.


To keep audience members engaged in the experience, we incorporated an external TV monitor that unveiled the fun going on in the vehicle. This served two great purposes: entertaining the audience and encouraging their participation. It’s hard to pass up the opportunity to take home such a memorable keepsake from an event.


The carpool karaoke experience was such a hit that it even garnered attention from local media station Kare 11 and the “Morning Buzz Show” on Fox 9.


Here at Time Into Pixels, our services can go far beyond the standard photo booth rental; the car-aoke event was just one example of how we can customize our services to fit the various needs of our clients. If you’d like to discuss how a custom video or photo booth rental can help make your next event a success, please inquire today! We’d love the chance to help bring your vision to life!


4 Great Reasons Why Your Wedding Needs a Photo Booth

1. It’s fun!!

Obviously your weddingg is going to be a blast and adding a photo booth will bring an extra level of awesomeness to it! Your guests will enjoy the booth so much that they will keep coming back to capture more smiles and laughter and will create some wonderful memories from your big day!

Header example

Photo booths have been a hit at every wedding we’ve been to, from kids to grandparents, it’s a joy for everyone!

2. Favor for your guests

Pictures from your photo booth are a wedding favor that will be cherished by your guests. They will be shared online, end up on their fridges, desks and tucked away in a scrap book. For years to come, they will remember your big day and how much fun they had – a custom photo strip with your names and wedding date will help them remember when and where they were.


3. Digital gallery

Not only you will you get all the prints, but you also get a digital gallery after your event. Sharing your images on social media with those who couldn’t attend your wedding is easy!

4. Guest book with loving messages

The guest book that you will receive by the end of the night will be filled with wonderful notes, congratulations and happy wishes from family and friends. We print unlimited copies of your photos, so each of your guests will have a print to take home with them and one more copy will go in your book.


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Photo Booth Minneapolis | Minneapolis Event Centers Wedding

We are completely in love with this wedding, this custom backdrop and pretty much everything else related to this Minneapolis photo booth rental we had last weekend. We also can’t help but smile because even Goldie made an appearance at this gorgeously designed wedding (courtesy of Simple Elegant Group). And to add to this, they also set theВ record for the biggest group in our photo booth – 17 people in the same shot! Take a look for yourself – these photos will put a smile on your face!

Time Into Pixels Photo Booth was voted The Knot Best of Weddings. Interested in bringing some fun to your event? Contact us for availability and more information.

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Photo Booth Minneapolis | Mill City Museum Wedding

Mill City Museum is one of our favorite places and our team had a great time at Marina and Ben’s wedding at this beautiful venue! The couple loves to travel and does it often, so traveling, naturally, was a theme of their big day! We totally think they hit the spot with all the fun props and at some point they had a group of 15 people in one shot! Congratulations to the happy couple and thank you for having our Minneapolis photo booth at your wedding!

Time Into Pixels Photo Booth was voted The Knot Best of Weddings. Interested in bringing some fun to your event? Contact us for availability and more information.

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[ezcol_1third]Photo booth rental minnesota -17.jpg[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_1third]Photo booth rental minnesota -18.jpg[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_1third_end]Photo booth rental minnesota -19.jpg[/ezcol_1third_end]


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Vendor Spotlight | Jessica Wonders Events

As Jessica Wonders Events expand their services, we will continue to give you a closer look at their company. With recently added services such as floral design and stationary design, they are a great fit for a busy bride who would like experience in the the wedding planning process. With all of their great additions, we asked the owner of the company, Jessica, a few questions to give you a better idea about how they can help you to plan your big day!

Minneapolis Photo Booth_0008.jpg


What does a wedding planner actually do?

As wedding planners, we help research, compare and help you book your wedding vendors, track your budget and keep up with your planning checklist (which we help to create for you). We also love, love, love to help create the overall design scheme of your wedding as well!

The one thing we absolutely can not do for clients is make payments to vendors or sign contracts on their behalf. We can, however, coordinate and review the terms of the agreements, gather the details needed for booking those vendors ahead of time, as well as remind clients of payment due dates.

Also, anything that is personal to the couple such as buying undergarments for your bridal gown or putting the guest list together – that we can’t do! Though we can definitely help you find your bridal gown and track your RSVPs!

What services do you offer?

We do much more than just wedding planning and coordination.

Day of Coordination – This is our most hands off service. The client plans their own wedding and we help with final preparations and coordinating the day of their event.

Partial Planning – This package allows clients to choose how much help they need from us. The clients plan the items that they feel most comfortable doing and we plan the items they decide not to. This is much more hands on in the planning process than the day of service.

Unlimited Planning – This is our Mercedes Benz of planning services, we help with (almost) anything under the sun with this service. From start to finish, we are there with you during the planning process through to the end of the wedding day.

Floral Design + Decor Rentals – Our lead floral designer can deliver pretty much anything you can possibly dream of when it comes to wedding flowers. Along with our floral designer services, we also have floral-related rental dГ©cor items available such as vases and candle votive.

Stationery Design – Launching soon, we will offer template stationery designer choices for our budget conscious brides and custom stationery design as well!

What do you do different from other wedding planners?

Well, that is top secret information. It wouldn’t be different if we let the cat out of the bag and all of the other planners started doing it, now would it?! 🙂

How many hours are you on site the day of the wedding?

We are on site anywhere from 8 to 12 hours on average. Though, I will say we have definitely worked a 17.5 hour day before!

What was the largest wedding you planned?

The largest guest count wedding we have ever worked was 540 people.

What has been your most memorable wedding to date?

My most memorable wedding to date was a weekend long affair on an island in WI. The reason it is the most memorable is because of the experience that the bride and groom created for their guests – not without our help, of course. There was a reggae band, a DJ flew in from California, fire dancers… it was a very entertaining wedding to say the least!

For more information, visit Jessica Wonders Events at