The Rustic Elegance Of The Earl And Wilson Event Center

Step Back In Time

Imagine walking into an old building and immediately being transported to another era. Beautiful wood floors, brick walls, and crystal chandeliers give an aura of elegance and class. Sitting on a velvet chair in the lounge, looking out one of the large windows, makes it easy to imagine being in another time. The Earl and Wilson Event Center is located in historic Lowertown in Saint Paul, MN. Built in the 1800s, Victorian charm comes to life in this unique setting.


Making The Most Of Your Venue

We were given the opportunity to set up a photo booth for a wedding at the event center. Special backdrops only enhanced the sophisticated atmosphere, utilizing the chandeliers and brick. Working with Bre Ward, the wedding planner, we were able to make the most of the beauty already available. Guests enjoyed making memories and were able to take home a lasting reminder of the special day. The bride and groom also received a book with photo strips their guests had taken. Guests added their congrats and wishes for the couple, a distinct touch to a beautiful keepsake. Each venue has its own feel, something that makes it unique, and each event is centered around people that are even more special and unique. Finding the right style for a photo booth is a challenge we take seriously. We want each occasion to stand out and be exactly what the host intended it to be.


The Gift Of Memories

Family and friends are always more than thankful to be a part of your special day. A wedding is a momentous occasion,  and everyone loves to be a part of the celebration. Pictures are the only visual reminder, a way to visit the past and also share with future generations. Photo booths give guests a fun way to relax and enjoy themselves and a way to thank them for being a part of your life. Let us help you add excitement to your wedding. Contact us to see the many options available.

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Photo booth set up next to  a backdrop

  Two photo strips  

A chandelier  

  Open Style Photo Booth next to a backdrop

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Wedding Planner: Bre is Fun

Adding a Photo Booth to Your Hutton House Wedding

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! This is such an exciting time! As you consider your photography options, have you thought about a photo booth? Adding one to your Hutton House wedding celebration lets you capture memories for life.

Why Include A Photo Booth in Your Big Day?


A photo booth is an excellent addition to your day for many reasons.

  • It’s a creative way to keep guests entertained.
  • Guests can leave you fun messages and well wishes.
  • Create the impressive group shot you’ve always wanted but didn’t know how to get. You can fit up to seventeen people in one shot.
  • You can customize the template of your booth with your wedding logo or monogram.
  • Guests can share them to various social media accounts.
  • We supply the perfect props to fit your theme and vision for the celebration.

Photography Options to Compliment the Photo Booth


As a company, Time Into Pixels understands how to capture every couple’s day. We offer a variety of options that complement your photo booth. We also have more than one style of photo booth to fit your needs.

  • Photography options do not end with still pictures. Instead, we can include slow-motion video booth and boomerang station options. In this fun option, we can add things like money raining down on the happy couple.
  • We understand that couples cherish their wedding memories. Along with the unique touches we offer traditional services. We can capture the fun of your day at the Hutton House both inside and out.

The Hutton House


Are you dreaming of all the fun photos you are going to have from your wedding day? Amazing! Let’s talk about a beautiful location to hold your celebration The Hutton House. We have worked at this venue before and adored it.


It is in Medicine Lake minutes from downtown Minneapolis. This is a luxurious modern venue for the couple who is looking for clean lines and tons of natural lighting. There are a variety of event locations on the property to accommodate your vision for your day. The venue holds up to 300 people.


Do you feel your mind wandering and starting to plan your dream day at a fantastic location? Contact Time in Pixel Photo Booth today to arrange your wedding photography needs.


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Wedding Photo Booth Rental at St. Paul’s Landmark Center


One of the best parts of working in the photo booth industry is the opportunity we have to form relationships and friendships with new clients every day. When we were asked to bring our services to a recent wedding between Shabnam and Muhammadali, we were brought together with one of the kindest couples and families we’ve had the privilege of working with at Time Into Pixels.


This three-day wedding was such a unique and beautiful event to participate in, as it showcased traditional Easter African/Indian traditions. Each day, the stunning bride arrived at the event in a new customary dress, a complete encapsulation of their culture and background. The first day held the pre-wedding henna ceremony, while the second day featured the wedding ceremony itself. For the third day, the weddings parties were ready for a fun reception to celebrate the special newlyweds, and as part of that day’s festivities, they decided to use our open style photo booth to add energy and entertainment to the day.


In keeping with the red and gold linen colors at the reception, provided by Ultimate Events, the couple selected our sparkling gold backdrop for their open style photo booth and a deep red border with a gold font for the photo strips. Guests were invited to form groups, select a prop (such as oversized glasses or dollar bills, signs, and comical hats), and put on their best smiles for the camera. Not only did the experience create lasting memories for friends and family of the newlyweds, but the instant photo strips each participant received of their three images also acted as a fantastic souvenir from the celebration.


The venue for this sweet couple’s wedding was St. Paul’s historic Landmark Center, a cultural center for a plethora of events ranging from music to dance to exhibitions to weddings. With its remarkable turrets, gables, and towers, and the 5-story open courtyard inside, it was a spectacular site for this special occasion. In addition to the exceptional venue, the couple treated the guests with delicious Indian/Easter African food and chai, catered by Roseville’s India Palace, and delectable cakes from The Copper Hen for dessert.


At Time Into Pixels, we love bringing the spirit and enthusiasm of our photo booth to any special occasion. If you are interested in how we can customize a photo booth to fit your next event, please inquire today for more information!


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Wedding Reception Photo Booth at the Hilton Minneapolis Downtown

Despite the unexpected chill in the air and snow on the ground, there was plenty of warmth, joy, and excitement at the wedding reception celebration for Hurr and Neelam. We had so much fun bringing our photography and photo booth services to this event and helping this couple and their parents celebrate this new chapter of their lives.


Since the lovely couple shared their nuptials the week before in the bride’s home state of Tennessee, the groom’s parents organized a beautiful reception celebration for their side of the family in Minnesota. Held at the stunning Hilton Minneapolis Downtown, a newly updated and gorgeous venue, the atmosphere was nothing short of enchanting, providing us with the perfect background as our Time Into Pixels photography services documented the evening.


In addition to acting as wedding photographers, we brought our traditional open style photo booth to the reception to give the guests a memorable keepsake from the evening. For this photo booth, the newlyweds opted for the elegant rose gold backdrop to complement the colors of their reception, and it worked beautifully! Groups of all sizes joined together and put on their best smiles and pose for our camera. Then, thanks to our instant printing technology, they immediately received the horizontal photo strips showcasing their two festive images.


This wedding photo booth also included a personalized photo booth guest book for the couple. Made with an acrylic cover and archival pages, the high-quality photo book was the perfect place for attendees to write their best well-wishes to the starring couple.


Adding a photo booth to this wedding reception was the perfect way to bring fun, laughter, and sweet memories for the newlyweds as well as the guests. If you are planning a wedding or event, please contact us today to see how our customized photo booths and photography services can help make your next celebration shine!

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New Year’s Eve Photo Booth Rental at the Machine Shop Wedding

From the moment she says “Yes!” at that long-awaited proposal, a couple in love begins the exciting – though somewhat overwhelming – journey of planning what is sure to be the best day of their lives: their wedding. With so many details to orchestrate (entrees to DJs and color schemes to cumberbuns), the planning can seem endless. One of the hardest decisions a couple has to make is determining how to entertain their guests in a way that makes their wedding memorable for years to come. Our open style photo booth is a great option to consider, as it gives the couple and their guests a fun and stylish way of commemorating the day.


We recently had the opportunity to join in on the celebration of a New Year’s Eve wedding, held at the gorgeous Machine Shop in Minneapolis. This historic venue recently reopened as an extravagant event center and adds a much-needed option for couples looking to tie the knot in unique surroundings with both a heritage and modernized luxury. While some wedding venues have limits on the wedding size due to space, the Machine Shop’s multiple levels and open space makes it the perfect choice for both the most intimate of weddings, as well as those with as many as 400 guests in attendance. Seeing this former machinery shop transformed into a stunning wedding extravaganza was breathtaking, and we can’t wait for our next opportunity to join an event there.


Our photo booth was the perfect addition to the posh venue atmosphere, as we could couple the ambiance of New Year’s Eve with the romance of the evening in our keepsake photographs. Our themed props included hilariously oversized glasses, knick-knacks celebrating the leap into 2018, and signs for every personality (i.e. “Netflix…and Chill” and “The Best Day Ever” and “I’ve Got The Moves Like Jagger”). These items helped the guests relax and laugh their way around the clicks of the camera, giving them some treasured photographic memories. And if for some reason the guest couldn’t seem to find that perfect prop, no problem… they could always just express their own ideas on our writable backdrop.


Our photo booth added character and excitement for our New Year’s newlyweds and their guests, and we can do the same for you! Inquire today and let us work with you to create the perfect personalized photo booth experience for your wedding or event!


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