You want your wedding to be memorable. Capturing the energy of the night can be difficult with traditional photographs. Sometimes, a little motion can go a long way. Maddie and Ross put their best foot forward into their marriage by enlisting the help of an iPad Booth at Aria Minneapolis.

The Boomerang Booth


You know Boomerangs from social media, and now you can have quick and professionally shot mini-movies to share directly to Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. The Boomerang Booth operates just like a traditional photo booth, with the additional capability to shoot short, looping videos that are just as fun to watch as they are to make.


Personalize your memories by adding digital props or perhaps the couple’s names. This optional service can add an extra flair to the photos and videos to unify everyone’s experience.

The iPad Booth


An iPad Booth is a great way for people in the Minneapolis area to give their friends and family a new, fun way to enjoy their evening. Your pictures can move from stuffy, stiff, and redundant, to lively, engaging, and fun. Your guests will enjoy their time in the iPad Booth just as much as they will enjoy looking back on their evening.


The set up is minimal and attractive. If you have enough space for a tripod and a backdrop, you have enough room to create lasting memories. Why sit still when you can dance, smile, laugh, and have the ability to show off just how much fun you are having.


Time Into Pixels has been servicing the Minneapolis, Minnesota area for years. Their services and products have grown to be a cherished asset to many people at special events, just like Maddie and Ross at the Aria. You’re wedding should be as unique as your relationship, and there’s no better way to showcase that than by customizing a new, fun service to help capture the evening.

A bride and groom posing

iPad Booth at Aria Minneapolis