Your wedding day is so special and memorable. In Minneapolis, we are fortunate to have a unique, upscale wedding venue able to fit your many needs for the big day, including our photo booth. We love the Machine Shop; a former machine mill for Pillsbury, the venue has been renovated with modern luxury while keeping the old architectural style and historic charm intact. The juxtaposition of the old and new incorporated with the large, open spaces make this event space charming for any occasion but especially weddings.

We have been part of many events at Machine Shop, including this past New Year’s Eve celebration and weddings. Our open style photo booth fits into the space nicely and allows your wedding guests to create more personal, meaningful memories. An open style photo booth is like having a photo studio at your wedding. It’s spacious, allowing for large groups, it’s a modern addition to your wedding, and is interactive. It’s fun entertainment for all who are there to celebrate your day!

We have worked with wedding planners Blush & Whim. The 4X6 photo template your guests receive will have a complimentary design to your invitation graphics. We add themed props to help the guests pose and have fun for their wedding reception shots. Oversized glasses, bow-ties on sticks, and signs saying, “Team Bride” or “Wedding Crashers” can be part of the picture for a couple or a crowd. We work with you to create the theme you want and that your guests will enjoy. Our open style photo booth will be tailored to you and your theme so that it fits right in the event.

Being a regular photo booth at the Machine Shop gives us the experience to know the layout of the site and how to best utilize the space.

Whimsy, fun and unique wedding keepsakes are what we love our photo booths to bring to your wedding. We are excited to talk to you about the plans you have for your special day!


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