Photo booths are incredibly popular and have been for some time to use for different types of occasions, including corporate events. Most guests line up to take photos with their friends or possibly even strangers to create a fun moment they can remember forever. Once these guests have gotten their hands on a fun picture, they will share it on their social media profiles and help strengthen the brand. One unique way of capturing photos is with a green screen. The background adds to the experience without tarnishing the quality of the images with our professional lighting and photographers. This distinct experience gives potential clients an opportunity to have a little extra fun during your event.


Why use a green screen?


Many business owners might ask themselves why they would need the green screen when setting up a photo booth might be enough. While a photo booth can be fun in general, adding the green screen will give guests an opportunity to choose limitless backgrounds. They can capture a moment in any scene or any place in the world. There is also an opportunity to create layers to the photo and give guests and much more engaging experience they can share with others. For this particular event with North Memorial Hospital we did not only brand the prints, but also had a branded booth wrap and a table cloth to make sure the client’s brand is front and center.

How can you get started?


If you’re living in the Twin Cities area, finding a photo booth service with a green screen is incredibly simple. Time into Pixels offers a variety of fully branded booths, custom props, backdrops, and booth wraps with your logo explicitly made for the event. There are a variety of entertainment options to use, including the green screen. These photos can be made instantly into prints with your company’s logo, giving guests a printed copy they will share with others.


Using branding in your corporate events shouldn’t be complicated, and your guests’ experiences shouldn’t be forgettable. Think about adding a photo booth with a green screen to your celebration in Twin Cities today.


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Wooden sign


Green screen photo stations with a table and a box


White boxes on a table


Logo on white


Photo booth with a logo


Two photos of a guy wearing sun glasses


Two photos of a couple smiling


Two photos of two people wearing hats


Two photos of a guy with a black dog


Two girls holding dogs


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