Neon Photo Booth “Rocked the Gala” this November

When you think of the 80s, what comes to mind? Neon colors, big hair, cassette tapes, and preppy sunglasses. Now imagine yourself at an 80s party, dressed to kill, and posing for some totally rad photos under the neon lights…We can make that dream a reality; with a neon photo booth!

Rock the Gala Goes 80s

The 2019 Rock the Gala party for the Results Foundation rocked out at the Lumber Exchange Event Center in Minneapolis. As this was an 80s-themed party, the guests were invited to dress in glam rock attire and be prepared for a gnarly good time. We brought our open style photo booth, so guests could get an awesome memento of their evening in the rocking 80s!

A Neon Photo Booth Made Especially for the Party

We added some pizzazz to our photo booth by equipping it with neon lights. The bright lights shone across the guests’ faces as they posed, creating a look worthy of the 1980s. Since many of the guests were already dressed up 80s-style, the neon glam really added to the shiny, disco-like effect. Our photo props added to the fun by supplying the guests with funky wigs, oversized mics, rocking-good hats, megaphones, and beautiful big sunglasses. We enjoyed snapping the photos almost as much as the guests enjoyed posing!

What Can We Do for Your Party?

The Rock the Gala event was 80s-themed, but our neon photo booth will work for other themed parties, as well. It adds bright lights, charisma, and flashy charm to all sorts of fun events. Do you have a party or event you’re planning for in the Minneapolis area? Let us know the theme or style of the event, and we’ll come up with a great photo booth that will be the hit of the party.

We love a good challenge, and we’re always willing to custom create a photo booth for specific events! Learn more about our open style photo booth. Your party is in good hands with Time Into Pixels Photography and Photo Booth.


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A couple smiling


 A couple smiling


Man and woman are posing with props



Man and woman are posing for a photo with a mic

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Event Photography and Photo Booths for Special Events

Our mission at Time Into Pixels is to capture the very best memorable moments with photo booths for special events. If you are looking to hire a photographer for your special event, then look no further: we are experienced in attending all sorts of professionally executed events ranging from single-day events to week-long excursions. While we are based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we are also available for out of state events!

Event Photographer at a Luxurious Event in California

Our most recent experience traveling out of state for an event was to Dana Point, California, where we attended a 4-day event hosted at the beautiful top-of-the-line luxurious Monarch Beach Resort. This resort is conveniently located right by the beach with breathtaking views throughout. With our event photographer, we were able to capture all of the special moments at this beautiful event.

Catering to Our Client’s Every Need

This event was a great success! Each day we had an event photographer capturing all of the special activities including glam kayaking, sports fishing, and sailing. We even took some amazing photographs at the beautiful Mission San Juan Capistrano. We also took formal photos of couples at the event, had them printed and framed overnight, and delivered the framed photos the very next morning directly to their hotel room! To top it off, we incorporated our fun photo booths for 2 of the nights. We made every effort to effectively collaborate with our event planner partners, MetroConnections, who incorporated a stylish event logo on the photo strips and made the event space look gorgeous.

Have you been busy planning your next special event? Then don’t forget the event photographer to capture all of the best moments! At Time Into Pixels, you can get the very best event photographer with amazing photo booths for special events! We’ll capture all of the special moments that unfold throughout the event. Visit our site to inquire about our event photography services!


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A table with flowers and blue folders
Interior of the building
Succulents and oranges
Table with chairs outside
A bus next to palm trees
A bus next to microphone and palm trees
A centerpiece on a table
Food on a table
A table with chairs with flowers on top
Glasses with wine
A group of people under an umbrella
tables with people next to a building
A boat with people
A boat with people
Colorful flowers on the table
A group of people standing outside
A group of people at the table
A man speaking on stage
People listening to a men speaking on stage
People playing jenga
A shot of a lawn party
Table with flowers and linen
A group of people talking
A couple dancing next to palm trees and a band playing
A couple dancing at sunset
A man talking on stage
A group of people on stage smiling
A couple wit signs posing for a photo
People dancing


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Green Screen Photo Booth At The National Hockey Festival

The Hendrickson Foundation hosted the National Hockey Festival in Blaine, Minnesota this February. This fundraiser event works to give individuals with disabilities the chance to play hockey. The foundation’s motto, “Hockey Changes Lives” was the running theme of the day, and we were honored to participate with our green screen photo booth.

Since this event supports such a fantastic cause, we made sure to pull out all the stops for our photo booth experience. Guests were delighted with the options, and we couldn’t have been more pleased with all the smiling faces.

The Scenes

The flexibility of our green screen backdrop allowed us to provide several different hockey-themed scenes for the festival’s guests. Participants posed in front of a hockey skate or in the middle of the action, right in front of the net. The multiple options easily allow our backdrop to work with groups or individuals, ensuring equal fun for everyone.

The Props

We had plenty of hockey-themed props on hand for the photos, inspired by the surrounding event. Guests also enjoyed playing with humorous signs and costume pieces to personalize all their photos.

Sharing The Love

Our green screen photo booth experience was extra special here because guests had the option to share pictures directly to social media. We had fun GIFs available to add on to the images as well. The social media option felt really unique to the guests, and it helped to spread the word about the great work happening at this fundraiser.

The Hendrickson Foundation was committed to making this an outstanding experience for all their guests. The tournament, and all the surrounding events all came together to support a wonderful cause, and we at Time Into Pixels were happy to be on hand to capture the magical moments. To find out more about our green screen photo booth and how we can customize it for your next event, check out our website.

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Printing Beautiful Memories: Vikings’ Glam Booth Minneapolis

Having a photo booth at your party is highly on trend and the perfect way to allow guests the opportunity to bring home proof of their amazing time at your event. For your next big event, we invite you to look into our new option of Glam Booth Rental to give your guests a beautiful memory to take home that holds onto your high standards.

What is a glam booth?


A glam booth is a photo booth rented for events that a more finished touch to the final photograph. New technology allows guests to look their best while having the time of their lives. This type of photo booth has a presence at many A-list Hollywood events, and the staff and players who were present at the Viking’s staff meeting enjoyed the pictures they were able to take.

What makes the glam booth different?


What could make a glam booth different than a normal photo booth rental? The glam booth uses the same technology that is implemented in celebrity photography to give party-goers a Kardashian-like finish. Immediately upon printing, the photo is touched up to smooth over any skin blemishes or imperfections go give flawless skin. In the case of well-known names and faces such as athletes, looking their best is paramount to their livelihood.

What are the photos like?


Typically printed in black and white on a 4×6 size, we also offer the option to allow color printing which gave the guests exactly what they were looking for and allowed them to look their best.



The glam booth rental was a huge success at a high-level event that celebrated the Viking’s players and staff. The memories these individuals got to take home showed their most glowing and beautiful sides, which they will be able to share with others for years to come.


Having a glam booth rental could take your next party or event from everyday to extraordinary, please feel free to contact us on our website with any questions. We would love to help you celebrate!


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A sign on an easel


Interior of the building with tables and chairs


A black and white photo on a purple surface


a photo of a woman wearing sunglasses and a purple hat


a black and white photo of three women smiling


Black and white photo of a group of people


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Green Screen Booth Available in Twin Cities for Corporate Events

Photo booths are incredibly popular and have been for some time to use for different types of occasions, including corporate events. Most guests line up to take photos with their friends or possibly even strangers to create a fun moment they can remember forever. Once these guests have gotten their hands on a fun picture, they will share it on their social media profiles and help strengthen the brand. One unique way of capturing photos is with a green screen. The background adds to the experience without tarnishing the quality of the images with our professional lighting and photographers. This distinct experience gives potential clients an opportunity to have a little extra fun during your event.


Why use a green screen?


Many business owners might ask themselves why they would need the green screen when setting up a photo booth might be enough. While a photo booth can be fun in general, adding the green screen will give guests an opportunity to choose limitless backgrounds. They can capture a moment in any scene or any place in the world. There is also an opportunity to create layers to the photo and give guests and much more engaging experience they can share with others. For this particular event with North Memorial Hospital we did not only brand the prints, but also had a branded booth wrap and a table cloth to make sure the client’s brand is front and center.

How can you get started?


If you’re living in the Twin Cities area, finding a photo booth service with a green screen is incredibly simple. Time into Pixels offers a variety of fully branded booths, custom props, backdrops, and booth wraps with your logo explicitly made for the event. There are a variety of entertainment options to use, including the green screen. These photos can be made instantly into prints with your company’s logo, giving guests a printed copy they will share with others.


Using branding in your corporate events shouldn’t be complicated, and your guests’ experiences shouldn’t be forgettable. Think about adding a photo booth with a green screen to your celebration in Twin Cities today.


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Wooden sign


Green screen photo stations with a table and a box


White boxes on a table


Logo on white


Photo booth with a logo


Two photos of a guy wearing sun glasses


Two photos of a couple smiling


Two photos of two people wearing hats


Two photos of a guy with a black dog


Two girls holding dogs


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