Vintage Photo Booth Rental In Minneapolis

Earlier this month, we were honored to provide a vintage photo booth rental in Minneapolis at The Hutton House wedding of Ava and Don. The wedding was a beautiful mix of whimsical and boho décor and our vintage photo booth fit in perfectly. Custom designed to look elegant and classic, it had all the modern equipment to produce the highest quality images and it prints large photo strips within 15 seconds.

We created a custom photo strip that complimented the wedding décor of the couple because the photo booth should not be an afterthought! We are able to make sure that the experience is not only fun but also upscale and unique to each couple.

Vintage Photo Booth Rental In Minneapolis

Each of our vintage photo booth rentals in Minneapolis includes:

  • unlimited use of the photo booth
  • guest book with photos signed by your guests
  • prints for each person in the photo
  • template personalization by our graphic designer
  • fun set of props
  • online gallery for post-event viewing and sharing
  • on-site attendant to assist guests and manage the photo booth
  • delivery, setup, and removal

We loved seeing the guests enjoying our vintage photo booth and leaving the wedding with a keepsake in hand. We also always enjoy hearing from our couples how much they love reading their guest book messages left by their guests.

Ava and Don’s wedding was a beautiful affair and we were honored to celebrate with them!

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A white sign

A vintage photo booth rental

An interior of the room

Vintage photo booth rental im ninneapolis

A room with a fireplace

A sign, floral and a box

Two signs


Exterior of a white building

A woman

A woman and man

Photos sign in a dark room

Photos on a page

Vintage Photo Booth Rental In Minneapolis
Vintage Photo Booth Rental In Minneapolis
Vintage Photo Booth Rental Photo Strip

Vintage Photo Booth Rental Photo Strip
Vintage Photo Booth Rental Photo Strip
Vintage Photo Booth Rental Photo Strip

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Drop-off Photo Booths Available in Minneapolis

Small celebrations don’t have to be “small” – celebrate big with our drop-off photo booths available in Minneapolis!

How do drop-off photo booths work?

We can offer a choice between a Boomerang/GIF kiosk and our traditional photo booth – both are intuitive, customizable, and incredibly easy to use. We do all the work – drop off, set up and pick up… you simply have the fun!

Digital only: Boomerang and GIF booth


Our photo booth creates fun GIFs and Boomerangs as well as still images! Digital props can be added for extra fun and your digital keepsakes can be texted to your guests immediately after they are recorded.

A digital kiosk


Traditional (Vintage) Photo Booth

A photo booth photo strip
Three black and white photos of a couple
Three photos of a couple

If you’re looking for instant prints for your guests, this photo booth is perfect for your event. Elegant and charming but using modern technology, this booth will print your images in seconds.

A photo booth

Rental packages for both drop-off photo booths available in Minneapolis include custom photo templates, unlimited photos, and digital files that are yours to keep. Traditional (vintage) photo booth also includes prints.

Our half and full-day packages allow you to have the same upscale photo booth experience but without worrying about your timeline or your budget.


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Vintage Photo Booths Add The Perfect Touch To Any Event

Vintage Photo Booths

Vintage is a style that will forever be in. It’s classy, different, elegant, refreshed, and can be beautifully unusual. Vintage parties commemorate memories of an era that longs to come back to the present. By having a vintage party, you are able to bring it back from the day in such a beautiful way. Pairing these vintage photo booths with the array of elegant and rustic locations is the best look yet for your event in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

At Time Into Pixels, we have the honor of working with several clients to capture their fondest memories for their wedding anniversaries and other special events. 

Vintage Charm Is In

There are certain venues that fit the style of vintage booths, but a venue that stands out the most is the Hewing Hotel in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Andrews Ballroom in the Hewing Hotel is very spacious, 2,556 square feet to be exact. The ballroom features beautiful exposed brick walls which are perfect for vintage photo booths. The Andrews Ballroom also boasts beautiful large windows that line the brick walls. The gorgeous room is filled with plenty of historic, classic, and vintage charm with wonderful and modern amenities that fit perfectly for the event. 

Why Work With Time Into Pixels?

Time Into Pixels is dedicated to making sure your event is just as special as you imagined it. As a company that specializes in all kinds of photo booths, from wedding anniversaries to corporate events, we have it handled.

The photo strips we produce are 7 in long versus the 6 in long that some other companies provide. We also have the ability to customize the photo strips just like the ones produced from a modern booth! We know that everyone likes to get into the picture, so if needed, we have the capability to open the curtain to make more room. So if you are looking for a vintage photo booth rental in Minneapolis, visit us at and contact us

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Exterior of a building

A floral on the table

A vintage photo booth

A photo booth

A photo booth in the room


A couple posing for a photo
A photo strip of a couple smiling
A photo strip with two people smiling

A group of people smiling
A photo strip with 3 woman posing for a photo
A photo strip with 3 photos

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