Corporate Aerial Photo Activation


The best part about a corporate photo activation, for us, is that they offer so many creative possibilities. Every brand, regardless of what their business provides, has something unique that can be shared in a fun and interesting way. Part of what we do best is bringing a concept to life that gets people excited about the brands they’re sharing. Our recent experience with Leesa Mattress and West Elm furniture store is a great example of showing off how fun an aerial photo activation concept can be.

Mattresses You Can Picture Yourself On

Leesa Mattress and West Elm approached us with the concept of photographing people from above as they laid on the mattresses. It’s a kind of photoactivation is known as an aerial photo booth or overhead photo booth. It was exactly the kind of unique request we love to work on. Not only were people invited to participate in a fun, share-worthy experience, they were also trying the mattress while they did it. Other people could also see the same mattress after it had been shared online. The people who came in were thrilled to get such an interesting photo opportunity.

The great thing about corporate photo activations like this is that they get people excited to share brands they’ve had an experience with. Each photo had the Leesa Mattress and West Elm logo, so people not only saw the mattresses, but they also knew which brand they were and where they could get them. It was a fun way to share both a moment and helpful information for bringing brands and future clients together.

Photo Activation In Minneapolis

At Time Into Pixels, we’re always excited to help out with aerial photo activation projects in Minneapolis and the surrounding area. Be sure to check out our open style photo booths and let us know about your unique photo activation ideas!

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Three people laying and smiling

Two women smiling

A woman laying and smiling

Two people smiling talking on the phone

Three people smiling

A sign at a store

a kisok

A furniture store Two photo prints

A furniture store

A bed in the store with a woman laying

A bed with people in it

A store sign outside at night

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