Have photo booth, will travel! Yep, this week’s post is a recent photo booth rental in San Francisco, California! If you follow us on social media,  you all may already know that we love to travel! Any chance we get, we’ll happily pack up the gear and hit the road for our next adventure. And San Fran was calling our name loud and clear. For this event, we provided red carpet photography with live printing for the movie/music star themed event.

Many of the guests were impersonating famous actors & singers- which made the booth a riot! Events with a contest component are always a blast and keep things interesting!

The ambiance of the event was comfortable and well suited for the party- great uplighting, lounge furniture, and good music.
All of the guests were able to take a photo in the photo booth while they were dressed up and get it printed immediately. #winning!  This is a great option for any event, but works especially well for festive social occasions- it is a must for parties and weddings!
San Francisco Event
Private Party San Francisco
San Francisco Lounge Seating
San Francisco Photo Booth
San Francisco Photo Booth
Photo Booth set-up in San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco Icons Event